Still On The Case


I’m still checking with university sources to see if anyone can tell me why there is a bear clutching a football on the side of the Accounting Building. Stay tuned.

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  • TrojanFan3.0

    Have someone from the National Inquirer investigate it!

  • B.Miller

    I’m sure there is something on the internet for you to Copy and Paste to your blog..
    I’m sure some of the bRUIN fans know, they are so updated on everything historic with USC!

  • Caster Troy

    When I see topics like this, I stand by my belief that absolutely nobody would visit this blog if it weren’t free.


    I can’t believe Wolf missed an opportunity for a “Bear with me…” joke here. It seems that would have been the sole purpose for this post.

  • anno nimus

    The answer Is very obvious, Scott…in case you haven’t noticed, the Bruins own the Trojans in all 3 major sports, but ESPECIALLY in football, so the Bruins have earned the right to have that bear clutching that football on the USC campus, and that is a FACT!!!

    • Golden Trojan

      50-0 was only 3 seasons ago. 2 wins in a row is nice but your days are numbered!

      • anno nimus

        “days”? More like years, say…at least 3 more years of dominance.

      • SUCC de trop

        But in 2013 it was UCLA 35 – succ loses

    • rusoviet

      Hey whitebread come on over and view the posts about ‘Pete Carroll Questions’ – it’s so bel-airian……

      • gotroy22

        They have nothing to say about the ruin disgrace! I posted your info about it on the ruin site, should be hilarious when they figure out the antisemites will cost them their prize QB.

        • rusoviet

          And the leader of their pack was that shrieking ‘lesbo’ – the best is watching her pounding the table using the good ole ‘f’ ing word – always so tolerant and inclusive.

          Rainbow flag – everyone is welcome – uhh no no no Jews, get lost Christians (Catholic and Protestant) but oh you Muslims well yes of course come right down and let’s get it on – oh you don’t ‘get it on’? Ok well you’re welcome just don’t shoot us like you do everywhere else.

          U Contollled Lesbian Activists – go Tolerant Lesbos!

  • Bruin 34

    Isn’t it obvious? Ucla runs L.A. now. They just wanted to make sure everyone at USC remembers that on a daily basis. And before all you SC fans chime in with your takes. Please don’t try and tell me Sark or your coaching staff is the answer. Cause we all know he and them. Aren’t.

    • rusoviet

      No I’d say those ‘masculine’ females control you….go U Controlled Lesbian Activists

  • Brian

    Let it go Wolfie….nobody cares!

  • maybe Scotland Yard will allow Jethro G. Sabbath to work on the case as a visiting consultant. the G. stand for “Gottcha!!!”

  • by the way wolfman, nice Healy reference. if only you had attached the Dragnet theme sound bite at the beginning and the “deflating Southern Cal fight song” sound bite at the end…

  • Denny

    Mr. Wolf:
    The real answer is the building (actually both accounting and Marshall if I remember right) was designed by an architect that is a Bruin. This is a legit answer from a former USC Tour Guide.

  • Toejam For Life

    It looks more like Todd McNair’s dog….