A Court Rules At Least One Donor Does Not Have To Pay Personal-Seat License

COLI.RENOThe South Carolina Supreme Court ruled today that a University of South Carolina (the other USC) donor did not need to pay a personal-seat license because he had an existing agreement to purchase season tickets for life after he named the university as a beneficiary to a $100,000 life insurance policy.

Now this does not affect the average season-ticket holder but I know some boosters who told me they purchased lifetime memberships in Cardinal and Gold years ago. Maybe this would have implications for them.

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  • Beto Torrealba

    … like we give a rip about South Carolina court cases.

  • john wolcott

    Great news. All an SC donor has to do is take out a $100,000 life insurance policy naming SC as the beneficiary.

    Gotta love it