Pac-12 Mulls Neutral Site, Is That Good For USC?

OLYMPICS.2If the Pac-12 considers moving the title game to the Bay Area is that good for USC? It is if the game was hosted by Oregon. But what if USC had the best record? It certainly would make paying $4,000 a seat more palatable if it included a title game.

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  • Sarknado

    Probably good for SC ’cause they always draw well and will fill a neutral site stadium even with only a weeks notice. But potentially embarrassing for the Pac 12 when they are showing a half filled stadium of a Stanford-ASU match-up.

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    If they want to guarantee that no school has home field advantage, they should play the championship game on ucla’s 80 yard practice field.

  • Good one wolfman!! the one thing the trOXans DON’T have to worry about is any Pac12 champeenship game!! They haven’t been to one YET!!!


    That’s like Jethro worrying about the location of the World Championship Internet Detective tournament!!

    • Cheap seats

      That’s like Bucket not getting entered through the exit!!

      • UCLA Bleauz

        Led Zeppelin – In Through The Out Door ………. the title of their 8th album….not their best effort, but it’s still rock and roll…

    • Helen

      Or like UCLA at the national championship game.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        double crotch kick………..OUCH!!!!!!

      • or like Helen at a….

        (C-Buck, don’t do it. remember the Classy Cadre are the GENTLEMEN of the Internets!! don’t sink the Dummies or Dummettes level. just keep being positive and fighting for justice and everything will work out for the best! Damn, i’m Good, and i’m also good)

        • Cheap seats

          OH yes — trolls have the HIGHEST standards! Let me guess, you only surf child p0rno 2x per hour?

          • only when those family pics you sold are featured. sicko.

      • B.Miller


    • TrojanFan3.0

      The poor foreskin!

    • Russ Taylor

      Yep 2011 was a big win for your Bruins! 50 to nada! Thanks NCAA!

  • Smeagol-Putz

    Is the alleged $4000 PSL going to be the blogger’s horse du jour or will this be added to the tired rotation of already beaten to death trivial/not germane troll fodder (ie, baby qb, Kiffin, PC, Barkley, socks/shoes/uni’s, etc) ?

    • SUCC de trop


  • john wolcott

    I am more worried about quaifying to play the game than where it will be played

  • marvgoux1

    The best regular season team should get the reward, and most years that will be us.

  • rusoviet

    There is not a major city with a large capacity stadium w.o. a Pac-12 school adjacent to it save San Diego – it should be sited in ‘dago.

    • B.Miller

      So. East! 619 BABY!

  • carter

    Maybe the 49ers playing in a brand new stadium in Santa Clara will represent that opportunity. Would definitely be the newest stadium in the conference, definitely neutral, and state of the art.
    And their colors are in essence the same as those of the Trojans, regardless of what Harbaugh may think.

  • anno nimus

    Why would USC, a school that has never played in the Pac-12 title game concern themselves with where the game is played? It’s not like they will be playing in it anytime soon.