USC’s Changing Look

BOVARDThis 1950 picture shows Bovard Auditorium and the Student Union (left) back when you could drive your car right through the center of campus and park before the road was closed.

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  • rusoviet

    Interesting but not nearly as egregious as when bel-air tech blocked Westwood Blvd. from Le Conte to Sunset – then again that was (1963) just before the morons in Westwood allowed the students to vote down (1966) that football stadium for the bel-airians.

    Hey how about an update on Jackie Robinson Field – any word on that ACLU-VA law suit – man when the ‘dawgs’ turn on each other it’s a show in itself.

    They tore out their tennis stadium which was actually pretty sweet – just far enough and steep enough in elevation to keep the “occupy Wall Street” down on the flatlands – a dorm or two sits there now.

    80 yd. practice field, a proposed athletic site with a faux front face and the de rigeur ‘socialist’ architectural design – best is the actual and promised $40 million needed to build that Gosplan mess.

    Come on Scott what next on the bel-airian horizon line?

    • CommieSUCC is starting early on his potato juice binge. Here a rant, there a rant, everything UCLA rant, rant. Yawn.

      • rusoviet

        “I love you….I honestly love you….”

        • UCLA Bleauz

          Olivia Neutron Bomb!

          • rusoviet

            One incredibly beautiful lady – man she was and still is.

          • UCLA Bleauz

            I agree…..a timeless beauty….

        • Fetch the ball CommieSUCC.

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    That is a cool photo!

    • rusoviet

      It was before the Martin architectural firm got their hooks into bldg. design i.e. check out the LADWP bldg. – boy the era of the Frank Lloyd Wright
      and his doyens – bean counters loved it because it was cheap to build and by the time the rebar began to rust well they’ve already turned to rust themselves.

      VKC – yeah man that is cutting edge almost as sterile as Wade Phillps

      I’m guessing martin’s ideas gave birth to all the CSU campuses – pick anyone save San Diego, SLO and San Jose and you won’t know one from the other.

      • Chug a lug, chug a lug makes CommieSUCC want to sing hi-dee- ho, I’m a ding a ling. CommieSUCC can you yodel one or two of your mania rants?

        • rusoviet

          Give to me babee…..come on now….time fer’ you te’ strut yer’ stuff …… now strew yer’ mess fool!

          • Yo, ho, ho and CommieSUCC is into the 151. Remember to lite the pipe only, so you doan’t set yourself on fire.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    Memory Lane…first year our Dad showed us around the Alma Mater,he also taught at the dental school from which he graduated,after selling his practice;he loved the school.

  • Larry Harris

    A few years later and a 2 inch extension of the photo to the right and you can see my MGTD in front of Founders and my Man & Civ class.