More On Sam Darnold’s Start


I asked someone within the USC program what freshman stood out in training camp? “No. 14,” they answered.

That confirmed my own thoughts about quarterback Sam Darnold’s impressive ability. USC coach Steve Sarkisian cautioned Tuesday night that Darnold had some “freshman blues” as more of the offense is installed and more thinking is required.

That is normal for any freshman. What is also apparent, however, is that Darnold looks better than Matt Barkley at the same stage and Barkley started as a true freshman. Darnold’s got a stronger arm and moves faster. He also looks poised despite his age.

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  1. Wolfie never even thought Darnold should get a scholarship and criticized the USC coaches for not giving his ride to someone else. True story.

    • The blogger wrote a snide post criticizing the kid’s stats after the offer during his JR year yet conveniently omitted the fact/context that he broke his foot in mid September and was out for the year

      • The blogger is the master of selective reporting….but I hear that it’s his Devil’s Advocate approach and style that some find to be appealing……

    • In fairness, Jack, no sense in holding onto a prior opinion if the facts appear different now.

      On the other hand, Scott should know that it’s better to err on the side of recruiting an extra QB, if you see something in him. It’s the most important position, yet very hard to forecast.

      • Changing a bad opinion is always good. But Wolfie likes to pretend he is what he isn’t and fails to acknowledge he was 100% wrong, when it counted most – then goes out of his way to pick apart Barkley, another one of his silly negative obsessions.

        Trojan posters need to keep it real here or life according to Wolfie becomes embarrassing.

        • All reasonable points.

          Do you have any special insights about the Dixon matter? For some reason, it strikes me as unlikely to return him to the field.

          What’s happening is a judicial review of the the administrative decision?

          Isn’t that hard to overturn?

          Just as important, even if the FB team would benefit by reinstating him during the judicial review, I would not think that the publicity of doing so would appeal to the USC administration, inside or outside the athletic department.

          Maybe I’m reading too much into the lack of university intervention regarding previous issues of questionable player behavior.

          Any thoughts?

  2. Browne and Town should be calling likes of Fresno State and Hawaii to get some playing time…

    • Browne Will start next year, he’s got the strongest arm on the team. He’s the best backup in the PAC12 and would start across town if they had him.

      • If B was that good he should be starting for Klown U. Don’t forget 59, in the last 3 city games Klown U is 0 – 3. Are you implying Klown U is saving its best QB for next year? B could start for Potato U.

        • You really don’t get it do you? He’s playing behind a RS senior who’s on most the Heisman short lists. If he were playing on a team that’s best hope was a true freshmen he would be starting. He would start on most other teams in the conference. Pull your head out of your a$$.

          • Walnut the henpecked.

            I see you’ve been released to make a fool of yourself once again.

            What do you do, coat your feet with Bosco to make them palatable.

          • May I remind you 59, Ohio St. won the NC with a freshman QB running the team.

          • You may want to check Cardale’s class again. When did tOSU join the PAC 12? “If he were playing on a team that’s best hope was a true freshmen he would be starting. He would start on most other teams in the conference.” You and read, can’t you?

  3. The wolfman is all in on the Darnold bandwagon..after 3 practices. Barkley started as a FR because he didnt have a 2 year starter coming back for a senior season. Darnold is going to redshirt but will be an interesting alternative next year

  4. I’ve said for a long time that I think Sam Darnold is a winner! He might not have the skills of say ucla quarterback Josh Rosen, but I think this kid is poised beyond belief. He reminds me so much of Cody Kessler, only he is 3 or 4 inches taller.

  5. “Darnold’s got a stronger arm and moves faster. He also looks poised despite his age.”….. Look at Scott breaking it all down…

    • Yet Scottie had to ask “someone within the USC program” who stood out at practice.

  6. Yet, Scott is sleeping on the Bryce Dixon situation….


  7. An LA Superior Court judge issued a stay Wednesday morning of Bryce Dixon’sstudent conduct expulsion this past spring. The order means that USC will be required to restore the sophomore student-athlete tight end to the place where he was before the disputed and confidential student conduct process began last fall.

    From those close to the situation, they say a number of details must be worked out for Bryce to return to school the week after next for the fall semester and to return to the team.

    The USC football program has been well aware of this possibility, especially once Bryce chose to engage LA-based attorney Mark Hathaway, who has a strong record in this area representing students charged in this new Title IX-mandated process.

    It was Hathaway who represented a UC-San Diego student in last month’s landmark decision in San Diego Superior Court that the Department of Education’s requirement for schools in sexual assault cases, as a number of legal scholars have contended, is unconstitutional. And that students found guilty in those proceedings should get their day in court.

    • FANASTIC. !!!!!!!!!!! When Hathaway won in July..felt it would go good for Dixon.. Plus The school would save face to Federal investigators who are watching cases closely with us and 70+ other schools.Great for Bryce from a personal integrity standpoint.. School then football.

      • Part of what needs to workout,Dixon completed his spring classes, however he was asked to leave school just before the end of semester. So he would need to be properly credited.. Basically they need to go proper channels which will take a few days.A spokesperson, nameless at moment said its a foregone conclusion he will be part of team again…

    • What if Klown U’s heavyweight legal team decide to appeal the Superior Court Judge’s stay. That’s certainly an option for Klown U.

  8. Mr Wolf:
    Great to hear the progress on the fine young freshman. How is it that school like UCLA only has 1 quality QB in school?


    • It’s a little early to call Rosen a quality QB; let’s see how he handles college practices and then a couple college games first.

        • Mr Football:

          That is my point.UCLA is starting somebody we hope is good, while down the road USC will have a choice of starters. This has me up at nights worrying about my precious team. It should worry guys like you who have never even attended UCLA.


          • g’nerd, Wooden didn’t attend Westwood High either. You better stick to science fiction characters.

          • Woody you sure put me in my place – I didn’t attend UCLA – Wow, a stop the presses scoop.

            Mr Rosen is quite capable of running the Bruin offense. He will hand off to a quartet of excellent RB’s running downhill behind an OL that Sark would gladly pitch you off cliff for.

            Rosen can attempt 12 – 15 passes per game and a 50 – 60% completion rate is definitely attainable. Rosen will be just fine.

            Woody you do have to admit Rosen isn’t locked into a Cupcake FB schedule like Klown U. .

            Corky fix me a double and step on it.

  9. Nothing like the suspenseful battle for the 3rd string QB job and a probably redshirt year. Or does Scott want to change the color of the red shirt.

    • Just wait until he breaks down the highly anticipated battle at the long snapper position…….

  10. Remember? Coaches had to teach Barkley to throw ball out of bounds if no one was open instead of forcing throws.

  11. Darnold may be better at this point…but he’s got a long ways to go before he out shines BARFY. After all….BARFY did REBUILD Haiti!
    fuqwghty ung

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