Daryl Gross Takes Over At Cal State Los Angeles

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I mentioned a couple weeks ago that former USC administrator Daryl Gross was taking over for Mike Garrett at Cal State Los Angeles and now it’s official as Gross was named executive director for athletics.

“I look forward to building on Mike’s foundation and carrying the torch in a way that is truly extraordinary,” Gross said. “Our goals will include graduating our student athletes while providing them a championship experience that will help them become leaders who make an impact on society. They will carry on in the tradition of alumni such as the great Billie Jean King.”

Cal State L.A. remains USC East.

  • Alvarado

    So very happy for him – he’s back in Southern California. He made sure Pete Carroll got a good look at, he hired Rick Majerus. Class act even if it didn’t work well in SYR – glad you’re back Daryl!

    • jim

      What happened to Make Garrett? I thought he was the AD at Cal State LA. Did they fire him after one year?

      • Alvarado

        The guy is 72 years of age.

        • jim

          Did he quit because he thought he was too old or did they fire him because they thought he was too old? He’s only been there for one year. Why did he take the job at that age if he felt he was too old or why did they hire him at that age?

          • Alvarado

            I don’t know anymore than SW knows. Look best cut him some slack

          • jim

            A lot of strange things happen behind closed doors in this crazy world.

          • gotroy22

            Lynn Swann is 8 years younger.

          • Alvarado

            Yeah and he’s (Swann) a year older than Haden.

      • Jack B

        Nobody could stand Garrett at USC. People in the athletic dept used to plan so that they could avoid running into him on campus when not in their offices.

      • Billy Jean

        He’s still there as “Executive” AD. Mr. Gross reports to Mr. Garrett. Wonder if SC will play them in BB?

        • jim

          I didn’t think that they had gotten rid of him after just one year.

  • Golden Trojan

    Wait, I thought I was on the Inside USC site, looks like I got on Inside CSU, my mistake.

  • Fred Sampson

    If the President of Cal State LA makes $199,000 annually, then Daryl Gross must have taken a heck of a pay cut from his Syracuse salary.

    • marvgoux1

      Wow, how the mighty have fallen.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    “What’s their scholarship endowment like?”

    – Pat Hadden

  • USC 55

    Just like Ucla is Troll University, Always wanting to know what BIG DADDY’S doing.. #usceast

  • Alvarado

    I’d love to see Swann step down 4-5 yrs. hence and Gross take his place.