USC Women’s Basketball Player Valerie Higgins Transfers

Valerie Higgins, a highly touted recruit a year ago who started 15 games last season, has transferred to Pacific. Higgins averaged 4.4 points and 2.4 rebounds as a freshman.

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    Maybe SC should just drop women’s basketball, at this point the higher up’s have run it into the ground

    • Jack B

      It’s a shame what USC settled for in this last coaching search which ended with a complete previous failure redo.

      The women’s hoops program now has absolutely zero momentum with a .600 coach who never does diddly in the NCAA’s, if he gets there, which he rarely does.

      We’ll be stuck in the middle of the conference every year with Mark Trakh, a very bizarre, totally mediocre pick.

    • rusoviet

      Hey by that logic why not throw in the mens baseball team…the 20th consecutive year of ineptitude is commencing this January.

  • Lunderful

    Trakh will put us on the wrong track. He was fired years ago for being lousy and we hired him back. So his reappearance had to be about only $$. We will get what we paid for.