• rusoviet

    Wonder how long Mike Riley has @ NE – the NE athletic director Shawn Eichorst just got sacked.


      Since the Ad mouthed off after the loss, maybe he was the one in trouble

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      Yeah, I think the plank just got a little shorter…

      If Rutgers and Illinois are his last two wins at Nebraska, I wouldn’t be surprised. If he doesn’t win those two, he won’t make it to Wisc and OH St. (But then again, why inflict those two monsters on an interim coach, right?)

      • rusoviet

        The Cornhusker fans are out for blood and want the current NE-Omaha AD Trev Albers, as their new AD. Many feel leaving the Big-12 was a huge mistake as they’re now poaching ground for Big-10 schools. It seems a good coach has a chance there – the problem is this is Mike Riley’s 3rd year and the fans there are suddenly forgetting the mess Pelini was. Mike needs to win , on the road, against Rutgers and IL before they come home to play back-to-back, WI and OH St. next month

  • 04Trojan

    Just follow Helton’s repeated simple plan: Go 1-0 each week. Let Cal’s resurgence and their head coach be the fuel to finish off this game strong.


      I thought Gomer’s plan was to waste timeouts, under develop WR’s, use 3rd string RB’s in crucial situations and pray Darnold saves him week in and week out ?

  • peter

    There are 6 undefeated teams with a least 2 wins over power 5 teams. Two are CaL and USC. I certainly hope we come to play.
    I believe we will see new guys step up out of necessity, with others out due to injury. Pitman, Vaughan, Marlon and others stepping up.


      Kal’s wins were against teams that were very good, neither were SC’s. If SC can’t blow away the socialists, then SC is in trouble

      • schammer47

        North Carolina and Ole Miss both look solid considering their Game Day performance thus far.

    • Paul Muad’dib

      I think our defense is better when marlon is in the game.

  • Golden Trojan

    Will USC take Cal lightly? Not Likely!

  • Trojans 6942

    No we won’t but it doesn’t matter. USC will be 4-0 and we’ll talk about how terrible the coaches are, how the players are undisciplined, soft, no playmakers. We won’t win the trap game because they can’t get ready after getting lucky(trap game)the week before and the only reason is Sam Darnold.

    • Pasadena Trojan

      You sound like Wolf.

  • Trojan96

    Why is this a trap game? The commies defense is not very good. In what world does cal keep up the score with our offense? We will win by double digits.

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      There are a lot of reasons, from it being our 1st road game to Wilcox wanting to show USC that we made a big mistake in firing him.

      Helton & Co. have been strong at home but has been iffy on the road –and USC has been iffy in 1st road games.

      If you watch the Cal game last week, they took Shea Patterson to the woodshed in the 2H. Shea and Co. were a monster offense in their first 2 games, granted they were 2 lesser teams — but that means they had 2 warm-up games to fine-tune and likely had no injuries or even bruises or grass stains on their unis to deal with. And Cal busted them up.

  • Paul Muad’dib

    USC only has big games or trap games. No regular who cares about it games. Just sucks to be USC right now…

  • Fred Sampson

    USC has to have the ability to bring it week after week no matter who they play, that’s part of being a championship type of coach, and team

    • Ignore_the_trolls

      Every team has USC circled on their schedule, it’s always a big game to the other team. Texas showed that for sure — they certainly saw the game as much more important than SC did.

      • schammer47

        Yes !!!

      • Fred Sampson

        Top contenders will always have that problem, and that’s when coaching comes into play

        • Pasadena Trojan

          More importantly is the players execution of the play. If they don’t block or tackle, they lose.

  • TireBiter

    As long as the issue with the Coliseum gates is fixed everything will be fine.

    • 04Trojan


    • Grammymb

      Get in 30 minutes earlier. There. Problem solved.

  • steveg

    Wolf will ask this same question next week also. He needs to ask himself if he should try something different.

    I don’t think USC is going to overlook any team left on their schedule. Texas was a huge wake up call, these guys now realize they have a lot of work left to do to become a championship caliber team. They can do it, but I am sure Helton has the same thinking and he won’t let them relax.

  • Ed Garrett

    they shuold take cal litely, their not realy that good so it wuold probaly be one off the best game on theyre scedule to do not good at,

  • David Keeling

    If the O-line can’t control the line of scrimmage enough to keep Darnold off the ground and continue to make dumb penalties, the answer will be “no”! These linemen’s execution will be a big reason for a USC win or not.

    • schammer47

      In the Texas game, David, the USC OL sucked each of the 4 quarters. Sam had very poor pass protection in our last drive to tie, and in the overtime. If our OL does not dramatically improve, i believe the 2017 Trojans will be 8-4 at best.

  • Pete Smith

    Bring the “A” game for the whole game or stay home

  • Pete

    The Trojans won’t take this game or any game lightly.
    The USC defense is playing better and so far not no much drop off because of better depth. This defense isn’t there yet, but gettting better. At the end of the game Ross Bowers won’t know what hit him. And don’t forget, Wilcox using Sonny Dykes recruits.
    PAIN coming this Saturday to California Memorial Stadium. PAIN!