• GABBY702


    • Arturo

      ________ of the Day. Wow! What insight.

      !) Blog
      4) Donut
      5) Nag


  • Paul Muad’dib

    Doesn’t look like they have a size big enough for Scottie, sorry bro.

    • steveg

      He can’t get his enlarged head through the hole.

      I talked with several nfl scouts and coaches and they said that the T shirts were not what they wanted and blame Helton for it.

      • JBKayak

        My NBA insider says the pad level is not low enuf after the first wash

  • Sandy Underpants

    USC book store, or UCLA? I went to the bookstore to buy the Emerald Nuts championship bowl t-shirt, back in the day, because I thought it would be a hilarious shirt to have, they kicked me out.

    • Peaceful Warrior

      Now that is funny.

    • UCLA Dynasty

      Eagle Bank Bowl champs, buddy!

    • JustOwns

      Hey Loads, I can get you a deal on a “bozo u, elite (LOL) FB program gets bombed 52 – 6 at AT & T” t-shirt.

      • Linkster

        I got one that says 50-0!

      • Mrs Tool_Obama

        Speaking of loads, less posting and more cleaning.

        • JustOwns

          See Ya.

    • Brutus Beefcake

      they dint kick you out for trying to buy a tshirt….they kicked you our for trying to peep the Mens’ Dressing Rooms.


  • Arturo

    ______ of the Day.

    a) Picture
    b) Tweet
    c) Donut
    d) Quote


      f) Pendejo

      • GABBY702

        g) keyboard coach

      • Pudly76

        Why ALWAYS withbthe homophobic responses?

        • Tebow_Obama

          ^^^^^^) Pendejo

          • Mrs Tool_Obama


          • JustOwns

            Oh no, Snarling Sally Snarls is back.

          • Mrs Tool_Obama


          • Tebow_Obama


          • Pudly76

            Answering for each other seems fittingly appropriate…hillbilly troll.

            Homophobic little hillbilly troll..

  • rusoviet

    Where the baseball caps or did Helton buy them all?

  • Tebow_Obama

    2018 USC Football The Season Of

    “We Told You So”

    as Clay Helton guides the Trojans to a .500 won/loss record.

    Put that on a T-Shirt.

    And on a tank top, put…”Tee Tanked”.

    • Fred

      They are next to the “Darnold4Heisman” shirts.

  • Fred

    Where are the “We Got Our Butts Kicked At The Cotton Bowl And All We Got Is This Lousy T-Shirt” shirts?

  • Ed Garrett

    looks theyres all most enuff shirts for jack b and all his importint imajinary freinds,

  • GABBY702

    Heard the whole family got one.


  • UCLA Dynasty

    Wilner has a great breakdown on the failure of the PAC 12 network, while others do great breakdowns on t-shirts.

  • timmay

    Speaking of, someone I reallly wanted us to go after, Chip Kelly hired. Dana Bible as his QB coach and Offense assistant. Bible as most of you know is a West Coast guru who isn’t in great health but has brought in at NFL teams to jumpstart offenses. One of Bill Walsh and Sam Wyche’s acolytes. He was at Stanford for that 1995 run, Bible’s offense averaged 30 points per game, first in the Pac10. Got a record of good college QBs too- Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson.

    Don’t pooh -pooh, they’re still UGLY, still don’t like them but it’s interesting that Chip feels he can step his game up to get the talent needed for that offense and that he feels he should tweak what he’s doing. Also interesting, we’ll see an offense that looks more like traditional SC across town.

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    Beats a “2017 Cotton Bowl Participant” shirt

  • Sportsblab Jones

    As Derrick Coleman once said, “whoop-dee-damn-do.”

  • Brutus Beefcake

    tragically, Cadre HQ has run out of TP…..please send us 20 cases of these shirts.

    thank you.