Postseason Awards: Who gets them and why?

Now, with the Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary boys basketball and the St. Paul girls team out of the playoffs, the winter season is officially over and we can discuss postseason awards.
I have my ideas. But who you bloggers think should be coach and players of the year for for boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, girls water polo and wrestling?

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  • Jefe

    Actually Steve, can we talk about how that Cantwell team totally gave up in the State championship game?

    I’ve never seen a team looks so unprepared for a big game in my life.

  • Steely Don

    I nominate Jack Mahlstede for Coach of the Year in all sports, and his Grandson Christian Mahlstede as player of the year in all sports. Where would we be without these guys? And don’t worry Steve, I passed this idea by several other candidates, and they said it was OK.

  • SP

    Hey Jefe think before you drink your post belongs with State Playoffs: Cantwell, St. Paul have seasons come to an end, just below this Entries = Postseason Awards: Who gets them and why? hell have another king cobra or 800, lol.

  • Get off the sack !!!!!!

    Steely Don, I admit you are right in some ways. Jack Mahlstede is a great coach and yes he never won the big game. But man he and his grandson had their way with El Rancho. So don’t hate !!! But knowing you, you will respond. Crazy

  • Steely Don

    In nominating Mahlstede for the honors here, I am intimating that these awards have now entered the realm of irrelevance, having been debased by the exclusion of Margarito Beltran in favor of the Orr & Day slouch.

    In a world where Ramirez did not prevail over all wisdom and sanity, Jason Van Duyne of Cal and Dominic Picon of El Rancho would earn top honors in boys hoops and soccer, respectively.

    But, as the fall awards have shown, Ramirez is highly prone to fits of fantasy and delusion, letting pure emotion take charge of selections such as naming Mahlstede Coach of the Year for area football.

    We are asked in this heading to provide our choices and our REASONS for those choices, but no such reasoning applied to the Mahlstede football pick. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem to carry this theme forward and name Jack as top dog for the entire year.

  • Wimpy Don?

    Who’s better than the Cantwell’s Jose Estrada and George Zedan? Those are my picks for basketball.

  • Mojo


    Since Steve won’t say it, I will. Beltran turned it down in favor of Jack. Where has Jesus been poser?

  • Steely Don

    Mojo: You’re saying that Beltran deferred to Jack on this award, and it was a wonderful, selfless gesture. According to this reasoning, West Covina should do the moral thing and bestow their championship onto La Serna, because after all, the Lancers have been trying for a long time, and it just seems right to let them finally celebrate. Hard to find fault with that sentiment.

  • Ant

    For wrestling, all I can say is Sal Garcia as Coach
    Of the year, and the following wrestlers should be a
    Lock, Joey Davis, Kioni Villalobos, Daniel Contreras,
    Dillon Crouch, nico Sanchez and Lucion Ponce all for 1st team!

  • Mojo


    Your analogy isn’t even in the ballpark. You have hounded Ramirez regarding HIS pick of COY and I was just shedding some light for you toy. I’m no fan of Jack by any means but, he owns your beloved Ranch, that’s for sure. Crap, who doesn’t?

  • ER soccer

    For boys soccer: ERs coach, and players for league and area CO MVPs # 9 Lara & #13 Roldan.

    With 6 straight league titles and back to back final appearances, with a large bulls eye on their back to say the least, El Rancho (league/area. The DRL is a great league in soccer.

  • Real Deal

    Girls Soccer: Player of the year should be Savannah Francis (headed to UCSB). The top defender in the area this season and also scored 8 goals. No player was better than her.

  • anonymous

    dominic picon should hands down be the coach of the year, and cristian roldan and francisco lara should be the areas co mvp. there is alot of talent in the area, but the del rio has most of it. if they(del rio) would not beat each other up so much in league play, they would do alot better in the playoffs. other than el rancho going to the final, la serna, whittier and pioneer looked tired in the playoffs. la serna has #3, and pioneer has #11. those kids are beasts in the back. pioneers #11 was the leagues defensive player of the year last year and was an all area first team pick. whittier also has a good defender #2. that kid looked good too.

  • El Rancho

    Absolutely anonymous, the DRL is stacked with boys soccer players, a number of great kids spread across the league. Thats something to be proud of.

    And I agree with Real Deal on Girls Soccer: Player of the year should be Savannah Francis, 10-4, truck driver talk.

  • Area Fan

    Coach Zedan from Cantwell should be coach of the year! Whittier basketball had the top 3 guards in the Del Rio League and in the area. Plus Willie PJ Pittman was Co-MVP of the Del Rio league he should make all area

  • Fan

    Vandyne or Mata coach of the year..public schools with a tough pre season schedule and both Div I and Div II in basketball.. not Division 4 or 5. Estrada(Mexican National Team..a few 50 point games), lambrech (MVP of Del Rio), Quintero(1st team guard) or Campos(1st Team-best point guard in area) P.O.Y suggestions in basketball.

    Soccer .. It is all about The Ranch!! Go Dons

  • Area Fan

    Cal coach and the Whittier coach should be co-coaches of the year, remember it the Whittier Daily News. Whittier area kids and coaches should get award. I’m just saying, but we all know Coach Zedan from Cantwell will get it and his super star kid who ave 30 to 35 points in the playoffs. Last year Gary Matthews from Whittier should of got MVP of the area but the paper gave it to the big kid from Montebello. I just don’t get how schools that are not in the area get 1st or 2nd team all area honors in the Whittier daily news. Let see what happens this year because Cal and Whittier had some very good play this year and last year.

  • erdons

    I kind of agree on both Whittier and Cals basketball coachs stand neck and neck on coach of the year.

    Give it to both or take the easy way out and flip a coin, lol.

  • Fan

    Whittier played some tough team this year! I believe this by far was Coach Mata best coaching he has done out of 11 years as a head coach. But it should be Co-Coach of the Year

  • deserving

    I think Cal swept everyone in the Del Rio League this year so if not the Cal Coach then he should split it with Whittier or Cantwell..

  • Fan

    Del Rio League all league boys basketball:
    Co-MVP Matthew Lambrect(Cal) Willie Pittman (Whittier)
    Coach of the year: Jason Van Duyne (Cal)
    1st team:
    Roberto Caampos (Cal)
    Daniel Becerra (El Rancho)
    Cristian Hernandez (El Rancho)
    Jared Wight (La Serna)
    David Williams (Pioneer)
    Josh Fitten (Pioneer)
    Juan Quintero (Whittier)

    2nd team:
    Chris Ortiz (Cal)
    Andrew Garber (Cal)
    Taurean Oram (La Serna)
    Andrew Jimenez (Santa Fe)
    Thomas Larez (Santa Fe)
    Cristian Perez (Santa Fe)
    Damian Salcedo (Whittier)

    Honorable Mention:
    Anthony Marks (Cal)
    Micheal Garica (Cal)
    Andrew Diaz (El Rancho)
    Andy Garica (El Rancho)
    Kimball Monge (La Serna)
    Kyle Latimer (Pioneer)
    Miguel Mena (Pioneer)
    John Parral (Santa Fe)
    Jerry Leon (Whittier)

  • Ant

    The reason it’s called the all area because it includes teams in the area, there’s about 15-16 schools that are included on the list! Why would you want to choose from a list of 3-4 schools?
    I believe the list of schools is pretty good! If a kid had a good year then he should have no problem making the the team! I believe the coaches vote!

  • anonymous

    coaches do not vote for all area teams. it is all up to steve ramirez…….

  • Steely Don

    You are correct, anonymous, this is a Steve Ramirez popularity contest, which in the scheme of things means zero. But, since the man is overworked and most likely underpaid, I say let’s allow him this moment in the sun.

    If Steve wants to name a coach and a player from a NON-AREA school, who perhaps played decades ago, that’s fine with me. This is the price we must pay for the decline of the newspaper industry.

  • Nixon

    Hey Steve,

    When will the all- area for boys basketball come out? Remember our area kids need some love too.

  • Ant

    Give Steve a break, how would you like someone to tell you how to do your job, stop begging here. If your kid or kids did a good enough job this season they’ll get on the list, why would you want him to give you a break or show love when you guys trash the man! Also in life you get no breaks, hard work pays off!!

  • Fan

    No telling him how to do his job. The blog ask what do you thinks who should get coach of the year and player of the year. But some of our kids in the Whittier area get never get in. And these kid work hard every year.

  • Area Fan

    I think Coach Jim Bohn should be considered for Girls Basketball Coach of the Year. In his 2nd year at La Habra the Highlanders finished 18 and 8 overall and 2nd in the Freeway League. Let me remind you the Freeway League has Troy and Sonora along with other competitive teams. I also wanted to remind you that before he took over the program two years ago the Highlanders finished 3 and 23 overall. This coach has done a fantastic job since arriving at La Habra.


    Another Bosco fan you have to be b-ball boy. You guys always complaining after a beatdown !!!!!!! The funny part is that you always ask for it I mean in football all the talking before the game and then what happened I know you weren’t up for it and so on. Then your head basketball coach is yelling durring the game that Estrada couldn’t shoot !!!!!!! I mean you ask for all of this guys so shut up and take your beat downs like a man.

  • Del Rio League Fan

    how can van duyne and mata share the coach of the year? CAL beat Whittier twice! does this make any sense? With that said George Zedan also had a fine year but in lesser a divison. Tough one between Van Duyne and Zedan! If all Area player of the year means best player than Roberto Campos(Cal) or Jose Estrada (Cantwell). The two teams with the top records and the two transfers who drastically improved theses two teams. People need to not just look at points and look at the whole stat line and the way a player impacts the whole game. We will see what decision Steve Ramirez comes up with.

  • Steely Don

    I hear you Del Rio League Fan, there are some tough choices here and the tension in the air about just WHO Ramirez will select is palpable. With Steve on vacation, we are even more hamstrung to decipher this man’s ultimate leanings.

    But when Jim Gray leans over and asks Ramirez “what is your decision?”, I hope we can be understanding, if not totally accepting, of the outcome. I know that a nod from Ramirez is the ultimate validation of prep sports worthiness, but to those NOT chosen, let me say: somehow, some way, life will go on. Be strong.

  • What

    We’re how a coach did this season. And how they run their programs.
    Cal and WHS run good programs. I believe WHS should get 2 out 3 players
    On 1st team all area, PJ Pittman and Juna Quintero. Damian Salcedo should
    make 2nd team. When does all area for winter sports come out?

  • Your right

    Your right about Coach Zedan should get it, but I believe Whittier should get 2 out 3 players on the 1st all area. Pj Pittman and Juan Quintero 1st team and Damian Salcedo 2nd team. When does all area come for winter sports?

  • what it should be!

    what it should look like!

    Coach of the Year: Van Duyne or Zedan
    (both great choices)
    Jose Estrada POY

    First Team All Area :
    Matt Lambereicht CAL
    Roberto Campos CAL
    Ryan Hall La Habra
    Juan Quintero Whittier
    PJ Pittman Whittier

    Second Team All Area:
    Damien Salcedo Whittier
    Jerry Leon Whittier
    Josh Fitten Pioneer

    Rest is for toss up!

  • Wow

    Ok your saying the Cal coach should get because he beat Whittier twice this year. Whittier was back to back league champs. Whittier coach record with cal is 4-2 as Whittier coach. When he was at Pioneer he also had a winning record against Cal. Just because a team sweeps a team doesnt make him the coach of the year. It might work in league.