Our newest blog

Thanks to our online guru, Josh Kleinbaum, putting this together, we now have a forum to discuss the Kings. So let’s dive into tonight’s game against Columbus…

Here’s the lineup tonight for the Kings:

Forwards: Armstrong, Kopitar, O’Sullivan, Cammalleri, Cowan, Avery, Willsie, Conroy, Brown, Frolov, Thornton
Defensemen: Miller, Blake, Weaver, Norstrom, Visnovsky, Tverdovsky, Dallman
Goal: Cloutier.

Starters: Avery, Conroy, Cowan, Miller, Norstrom

A couple interesting things of note immediately: Sopel is out with an ankle injury, the Kings stay with seven defensemen — with Dallman serving as a forward and Weaver in the lineup for the second time this season — and Cloutier remains in goal. Crawford is probably looking for a confidence builder for his goalie against the (so far) dreadful Blue Jackets.

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