Cloutier update

Here’s the situation with Dan Cloutier, with a bit of a refresher. The Kings sought to buy out the final year of Cloutier’s contract. This came after two doctors examined Cloutier and determined him healthy enough to play. Cloutier challenged this, and sought to have the buyout nullified so that he could receive his full salary next season.

So here’s the update. Cloutier found a (third) doctor who said he was NOT healthy enough to play. The process has been “suspended” because the two sides have completely different opinions, and the process is likely headed to an arbitrator. I don’t know who or when that would be, because frankly I’m not sure if there’s any type of precedent for this. That will probably require talking to someone at the league at a later date.

UPDATE: I should make the correct amendment that the Kings would only get salary-cap relief from a long-term injury if they’re in danger of being above the salary-cap limit. As we know, that’s a highly unlikely scenario.

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