Murray postgame quotes

(Re game recap): “We wanted to get a good start, get two points against a good hockey club. It wasn’t pretty all of the time but the bottom lines is that we got two points against a really good team and after eight days off, that was a tough assignment tonight…The focal point of the game here tonight was a quick shot attitude the whole night. Anywhere in the offensive zone we wanted to get the puck there as quickly as possible, let’s not look for an extra play.”

(Re Calder, Stoll, Brown line): “They play well together; they play hard and score goals. They have some good chemistry right now and I can’t answer it any other way. It’s just something that’s come together that they are feeding of each other. We’ll leave it together for another game.”

(Re Quick’s Performance): “Quick saved our bacon a couple of times out there tonight, he played very well. He’s been that way through most every game that he’s played. We knew that we had to have good goaltending tonight. That eight-day break is nice to have, you get rested. But professional hockey players getting away for eight days from intense competition means your timing is off, that’s all there is to it and your goaltender has to save you. Quick came up with some big stops. There were a lot of blocked shots, our guys are really committed. And we needed that tonight.”

(Re Jack Johnson) “He’s added good stuff to the game. He’s a big guy, strong, quick on his feet, closes fast defensively. He’s only going to get better as we move forward. It’s great to have him back and he’s excited to be back. He’s got a lot of energy and lots of game in him for the last part of the year.”

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