Kings center Anze Kopitar talks about shooting the puck more often

What was it Wayne Gretzky said? “One hundred percent of the shots you don’t take, don’t go in.” Something like that, anyway. Anze Kopitar acknowledged getting some advice from Kings fans to shoot the puck. It’s happened now and then during an incredible stretch in which he’s hardly scored. Kopitar went the final 16 regular-season games without a goal last season, and then had only one in the first 13 games this season. Then he got a pass in overtime of Wednesday’s game against the San Jose Sharks and the fans bellowed, “Shoooot.” So he did.

Funny thing, the puck went into the net and the Kings won 4-3.

“I keep hearing that a lot,” Kopitar said, smiling faintly after his third career OT winner and his first since Dec. 4, 2010 against the Detroit Red Wings. “It’s nothing new. Well, first of all, it seems a lot easier from up top to see what’s going on. On the ice, I’m making the play at that particular moment that’s the best play for us. If it’s a pass, it’s a pass. If it’s a shot, it’s a shot. I can hear it a little bit, from 18,000 screaming to shoot it. But it comes down to my brain, my hands, my stick and where the puck’s going to go.”

For what it’s worth, Kopitar has two goals on 43 shots on goal in 14 games.

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