Rams move to one-year lease at Edward Jones Dome

As expected, the St. Louis Rams have exercised their right to move to a one-year lease with the Edward Jones Dome. The move is not shocking, as it was always headed in this direction. The key now is whether this is a step along the way to the Rams returning to the Los Angeles area or just a step toward getting a new stadium deal in St. Louis?

Meanwhile, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reiterated his belief that Rams owner Stan Kroenke has the right to move his team if he feels it’s financially in his best interest – regardless whether fellow owners approve or not.

Jones explains: “Of course it’s his decision. It’s his risk, his effort; that risk is his.”

Jones might not be alone. There is a growing sense within the NFL that it’s only a matter of time before the Rams bolt to Los Angeles, as was explained here in Albert Breer’s excellent piece.