Backstage in the Press Pen

In the press room, everything’s peachy. The food is flowing (there’s no alcohol, but the night’s still young), the show is blaring from three Sonys and a couple of people are actually working. What a difference from the Latin Grammys last month….

I’m still recovering from that exercise in sensory deprivation. The Latin Grammys also took place here at the Shrine but with only a whisper of a budget for the poor lackeys covering the event. There was no food or water available for hours.
After half a day without nourishment, the press pen was beginning to resemble the New Orleans Astrodome. People were desperate, begging friends and family to drive downtown with food and water. Six entertainment writers, normally competitive in real life, pooled their money and planned an emergency run to a nearby taco stall.
At some point they allowed us to grab a bag lunch from a giant pile of them. The only thing to drinks was some kind of sugary pseudo-energy drink. Hideous.
Tonight, everyone is happy, well fed, watered and in a darn good mood.
Music? What music?

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