Grammys: You really do love “Mimi”

Mariah Carey’s comeback continues. Big surprise? Not really. Everybody was betting on pop’s golden girl to come away with top nominations _ she got eight, tying her with John Legend and Kanye West _ at this morning’s announcements for the 48th Annual Grammy Awards. And it’s all on the strength of her album, “The Emancipation of Mimi.”

The album has sold more than four million copies. Not that sales have anything to do with Grammy nominations.

3 thoughts on “Grammys: You really do love “Mimi”

  1. Grammys: On the tarmac
    It was upsetting, hideous and completely needless – oh, sorry, that was the passenger being shot by the Air Marshal – but it also applies to today’s Grammy nods handed out to a predictable pantheon of earners.

    The prize for the turnaround of Mariah Carey career should go the faceless suit – probably an entertainment lawyer in a Century City highrise _ who engineered it.
    Whoever he is.
    But anyway, eight nods went to the record which was pieced together like a tile bathroom. But has anyone ever heard Carey sing? Seriously. Because for years there’s been so much made out of this songbird’s alleged 12-octave coo that each time she emits an album, I can’t wait to hear something amazing. Then, it’s the usual meaningless treacle that sounds like all the other meaningless treacle.

    Posted by Fred Shuster at December 8,

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