Jessica Biel and Rosario Dawson gorgeous even at 5 a.m.

i-7fdbd746cc0915554a6ae71c00ed77ac-biel-facial_jpg.jpgJessica Biel says she considered just staying up all night since she had to be up at 3:15 a.m. to start getting ready for her gig announcing the nominees. She looked fresh as a daisy and is still over there happily doing interviews as I type. Here’s what I got from this talented and gorgeous actress:
On announcing the nominees:
“It’s really cool. I feel really honored to be a part of it. But 3:15 to start getting ready. I’ve never been up this early! I fell asleep at 12:30. It was not good. I couldn’t fall asleep because I was so excited. I’m really happy to be here and to share the joy with others.”

So sweet.

i-7ff5620de082eb6f4440925ffde7ce1f-adawson.jpgAs for Rosario Dawson, what a star! I loved her in “Rent,” I loved her in “Clerks 2” and I’m sure I’ll love her in her next project in which “I play a make-up and hair artist for Lindsay Lohan. I think that’s pretty insane!”
I’m not sure what movie it is and to stop and look it up this early in te morning seems just a little too daunting for me right now.
Rosario says the Golden Globe competition “is going to be really intense. I haven;t seen a lot of the stuff but I love a lot of the people who were nominated. ‘Borat’ was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen in my life!”

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