Britney fever? We’re cured.


OK, if you haven’t yet seen Britney in her best black underwear (and I guess we should give her points for covering her bum) as she opened last night’s Video Music Awards, it’s up for viewing on MTV’s site. She sang “Gimme More,” which begs the question, “More what?” More money? I think she’s set. More attention? Oh please. Been there, overdone that.
Britney was dressed for a bump and grind act, but she delivered her performance with all the gusto of a poorly faked orgasm. She had more energy on her millionth performance of “Oops! I Did It Again.”
Can we in the media come to some sort of agreement on this? Britney apparently doesn’t want to be a music star anymore, or she would have performed as if her career were on the line, because it is. And even her most ardent fans (and who are they these days?) must have felt let down. So let’s just let Britney ride off into the sunset toward whatever trailer park she chooses to settle in.
As VMA host Sarah Silverman so glibly pointed out, “She’s 25 and she’s already accomplished everything she’s going to accomplish in her life.”

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