Mt. Baldy League playoff breakdown

I’ll do the Mt. Baldy League breakdown now, since all of its games this week are being played tonight. This might be the simplest one yet, though I’m sure I’ll be able to make complete nonsense of it.

1. Chaffey (7-2, 4-0): The Tigers have clinched the No. 1 seed out of the Mt. Baldy League by virtue of victories over Colony and Ontario.

2 tie. Colony (5-4, 3-1): The Titans have clinched a playoff berth and are playing Ontario for the No. 2 seed. Winner gets the No. 2 seed, loser takes the No. 3. Pretty simple.

2 tie. Ontario (5-4, 3-1): Copy and paste the Colony writeup, substituting “Jaguars” for “Titans” and “Colony” for “Ontario”.

4. Don Lugo (3-6, 2-2): Eliminated from playoff consideration by virtue of head-to-head losses to Colony and Ontario.

5. Montclair (2-7, 0-4): Eliminated from playoff consideration.

6. Garey (1-8, 0-4): Eliminated from playoff consideration.

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