Indian Springs earned first boys basketball win of the year

Before talking about Indian Springs’ 1st win of the season last week, I’d like to say that while I don’t root for teams, I hope every high school varsity team gets at least 1 win per season. Just a chance to taste victory. I’m not asking for every team to win exactly half of their games. I just hope that every team gets a chance to savor victory.

When you’re building a program from scratch, there are bound to be some bumps in the road.
The Indian Springs boys basketball team hopes those bumps are in the past.
Indian Springs earned hits first win of he season last Friday with a 66-54 San Andreas League win over San Gorgonio, improving to 1-16 on the season.

COYOTES mascot photo.
“It was tough early on,” coach Jamaal Cannon said. “We had the Bloomington Christian Tournament and we could’ve won two, if not all three games. We couldn’t get any breaks.
“Our two games leading up to (the win), our defense was getting a little bit better. (The win) was a huge relief. We know we can beat teams.”

Before getting that first win, Indian Springs had lost five games by six points or less.
Players are quitting, and Cannon only has as many as seven on varsity now because he pulled up one player from junior varsity. Now, his goal is to keep that group together, since it consists of three freshmen, three sophomores and one junior.
“Overall, the group I have now, they’ve been solid as a group,” Cannon said. “We’re trying to keep that solid group together.”
His team has one win, now he’s setting sights much higher: the playoffs.
“It takes time to develop that (winning) culture,” he said. “We want to make the playoffs. Those freshmen and sophomores can come back next year and say, ‘This is how we got this done.’ It’s all the more easier if we make the playoffs.”
Are the playoffs realistic? Probably not. But in the extremely poor San Andreas League, they’re not out of the question. Indian Springs is 1-3 in league, so has 6 league games left entering Wednesday’s game against Jurupa Hills. Currently, Rim of the World sits at 3rd in league, and Indian Springs lost to the Scots only 39-33 the first time they played.
Here are the records for league teams entering Wednesday: 1. Rialto (7-11, 4-0), 2. Jurupa Hills (9-11, 3-1), 3. Rim of the World (6-8, 2-2),. 4t. Indian Springs (1-16, 1-3), 4T. San Gorgonio (4-14, 1-3), 4T. Arroyo Valley (3-15, 1-3).  No world-beaters out there. So there’s a chance.

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