Abner Mares will get another shot at Jhonny Gonzalez on Feb. 15 at Staples Center

It was quite a shocker when Jhonny Gonzalez of Mexico knocked out Abner Mares of Hawaiian Gardens in the first round to take Mares’ featherweight title on Aug. 24 at StubHub Center. Now, Mares will get the chance to avenge that loss when he challenges Gonzalez for that title Feb. 15 at Staples Center (on Showtime).

Mares can’t wait.

“I’d like to thank Jhonny Gonzalez for this opportunity. It will be an honor to fight him a second time,” Mares said.  “Aug. 24 was his night and I take nothing away from him, but Feb. 15 will be my night and I’m going to get my title back.”

Gonzalez doesn’t think so.

:”Abner Mares gave me my shot and now I’m giving him his,” he said.  “I respect what he’s done in the ring and the heart he shows every time he fights, but I worked too hard for this to give it up now.  I will keep my title on Feb. 15.”

Mares, 28, is 26-1-1 with 14 knockouts. Gonzalez, 32, is 55-8 with 47 knockouts.

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