Keeping lips sealed in Montebello

 Montebello Unified School District officials are mum over an article that came out today.

The district is suing Director of Classified Personnel Jeff Josserand claiming that he breached his contract when he became acting director of the personnel commission for the San Bernardino City Unified School District.

Employed by Montebello since May 2006, Josserand worked for San Bernardino from July 2007 through April 2008, according to the court documents.

Not only would the school district not share any information with me but the most interesting things about this is, it took officials days to tell me that there is a lawsuit pending that was filed in July!!

When I e-mailed the District Spokeswoman Alisha Rosas on Sept. 11 and asked if there was a lawsuit, I never received a response back from her.

When I asked School Board Member Gerri Guzman if there was a lawsuit she said, “We are still investigating but we might be considering a lawsuit.”

I can not imagine that a school board member and a district spokeswoman had no idea that the school district filed a lawsuit months ago.