Meet the Tribune student panel*

We have picked the members of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune’s Student Panel and we have a very diverse group. The first panel will appear in the Student Life page on Monday, Sept. 29, and the answers will be posted here on this blog, too. We welcome other students’ input so feel free to add your comments each week.

Here is your panel:

Nicholas Kuche (Covina High School)
Hi, my name is Nicholas Kuche. I’m
a junior at Covina High School. I am
heavily involved in our school’s drama program and for the past two
years I have participated in two murder mysteries and one spotlight
performance. My interests include drama/acting, magic tricks, and just
hanging out with my friends. One of my short-term goals is to graduate
from high school and move to Cal State Fullerton, where I hope to earn
a degree in journalism/communication. After that I hope to someday
a TV journalist. Another one of my goals is to be in my school’s
production performance where we will be performing in front of a paying
audience. I also am one of our school’s mascots that perform at every
football game. GO CARDINAL & WHITE.

Katie Montemayor (Glendora High School)
My name is Katie
Montemayor. I am 17 years old and a senior at Glendora High School
[Class of 2009!]. I was born in Illinois, moved to California when I
was 3 and a half, and have lived in Glendora ever since. I am the
youngest of five children. I live with my parents, my father is an
accountant for an aerospace company and my mother, whom I look up to,
is a registered nurse and works for the Glendora Unified School
District. Personally, I enjoy
reading, writing, running, photography, spending time with friends
and family, teaching Sunday school and tutoring. On the other hand my
passions are music and volunteer work. I play the cello, piano, sing
and hope to learn guitar. At the moment my favorite artists are Jon
Foreman and Chris Botti. I am also a Glendora Police Explorer
Sergeant; I have been an Explorer for almost four years and love every
minute of it.
My goal is to be a Glendora police officer with a double major in
forensic science as well as become a member of the FSET, or regional
SWAT, team. My personal goals include traveling to Europe and South
America, to start a music program for those who do not have access to
musical education in addition to raising awareness of domestic
violence and the help for those who are victims.

Kasey Haas (Glendora High School)
name is Kasey Haas. I am 16 years old. I am currently a junior at
Glendora High School. I love playing tennis. I am a singles player on
my school’s tennis team. I also play at the Claremont club. I also am
on my school’s swim team. I love art. It’s one of my passions. I am in
the advanced placement art course. I am the most skilled at sketching
but I love all forms of art. Some of my favorite artists are Picasso,
Dali and a more contemporary one, Banksy. After high school I want to
enroll in an art school in Southern California. I also really enjoy
English because of the reading and writing. I mostly read new fiction
books or anything that’s recommended to me. I’m looking forward to my
junior year.

Derek Klena (South Hills High School)
I’m Derek Klena and I am a senior at South Hills High School. I am currently the senior class president and have been a member of ASB for
three years. I am a four-year letterman in baseball and also president of
the Baseball Club.I am looking forward to another great season in the
spring. I have been involved in musical theatre ventures within my school
and beyond, and can also be seen singing the National Anthem at school rallies
and events throughout the community. I am a member of the National Honors
Society and have high hopes of attending UCLA or another UC school in
the fall of 2009. I am proud to be representing South Hills
Huskies and honored to be apart of this panel of students.

Amanda McCraven (La Verne Lutheran High)
Hi. My name’s Amanda McCraven. I go to La Verne Lutheran High School and I am in the ninth grade. I am on the varsity cheer squad. I want to go to Azusa Pacific University (APU) and become a psychologist or a teacher. I love listening to music and hanging out with my friends. My all time favorite band is the Jonas Brothers.

Taylor Moncrief (Diamond Bar High School)
* My name is Taylor D. Moncrief. I was born in the city of La Habra and moved to Diamond Bar in 1996. I’m part Dutch, Indonesian and African American. I’ve traveled to Holland several times and I love heading to Mississippi for my Grandma’s cooking. I’m a junior attending Diamond Bar High. I play both football (linebacker) and baseball (outfielder). I just bought my first car (with my own money I’ve saved since I was seven), now I guess I should get my permit. I love music and I’ve become a text-aholic. My dream is to attend Cal State Fullerton on a baseball scholarship. My more realistic goal would be major in the culinary arts (I love to cook!). After college I would like to eventually settle down start a family and open my own restaurant.