Rowland High School Fine Arts Showcase

RHS Art Exhibit SMALL

Four teachers worked together to provide a Rowland High School Arts Showcase on Dec. 6.

Drama Teacher Patricia De Lion, Art Teacher Stephen Faller, Photography Teacher Gerald Krumm, and Choir Teacher Jolene Sampson showcased each of their areas with a variety of performances and a first time Art and Photography exhibit called “In Dreams.”

“All types of artwork will be on display, from traditional painting on canvas, pencil and pen drawing, digital art, and photography. We will also feature sculpture and 3-D artwork,” said Angeli Caringal, student curator of the art exhibit and president of the Rowland High School Art Club that has more than 30 members who will be featured in this first time event for the school.

“I think visitors will be impressed with the high level and variety of artwork that will be on display. We are going to make a foot path so the public can visit the art and photography show before performances or during intermissions of Comedy Sportz and the Holiday Follies,” said Stephen Faller, who is the new Art Teacher.