Clippers’ Chris Paul caught on film

Chris Paul is on the scoreboard. Not for points, assists or steals but for drawing attention from the league for flopping.
The NBA issued a warning to Paul after the league ruled that Paul, after tangling with Minnesota’s Ricky Rubio in Tuesday’s game, hit the floor rather than make a play on the ball.
Paul wasn’t fined, but his next violation would draw a $5,000 penalty. Subsequent violations come with incrementally raised fines, and a sixth violation could bring a suspension depending on the
Clippers coach Doc Rivers didn’t comment on the league’s warning but knows a thing or two on the subject.
“I was the best flopper in the world. It’s hard for me to talk about flopping, really,” Rivers said. “I think it’s always going to be a certain part of it. It’s just natural, when you get hit you want to sell it.
“I think the NBA is doing it the right way. It’s not like they’re sending letters every day. If it’s something egregious, they’ll do it. It’s much to-do about nothing in the long run because I don’t think we’ve overdone it. I was worried about that when we first put it in, but I think the NBA has done a really good job with it.”
Coincidentally, the play that Paul was called for tied into a league instructional video when it introduced the policy. In the video, the subject was a play by Ryan Hollins of the Celtics, who is now Paul’s teammate.

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