Direction(less) sign

49968-rcsign 002.jpg

Rancho Cucamonga has some nifty new-ish directional signs around town (see below). But the other day I was startled to notice one that’s missing all its arrows. Ironically, it’s near Arrow on Archibald. Just drive aimlessly, citizens; you’ll find the Police eventually.

49969-rcsign 001.jpg
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    Oh you nifty observer!

  • John E. Bredehoft

    Perhaps this sign is merely supposed to mean, “Look at us in Rancho Cucamonga! Our city has a Resource Center AND a Civic Center AND a Courthouse AND Police!”

    [Show-offs. — DA]

  • Bob Brassard

    The sign on Milliken Avenue near the 210 Freeway could be helpful to someone trying to find a meeting at the Community or Senior Center. Except the sign only says “Central Park.” They’re very nicely done. Too bad they don’t help much! How much did they cost the city?

    [Oh, I think they’re helpful, by and large. The one in the photo, btw, has been taken down, so obviously someone at City Hall is reading… DA]

  • Mark Monninger

    I find it ironic that the city has no problem putting up signs to show people how to get to sites within the city, but the same city has tougher sign restrictions on businesses that provide tax revenue for the city that help pay for these signs!