Busy being born

Reader Darlene (Duffy) Melton writes:

“Just wondering if anyone remembers the ‘Stork Station’ maternity hospital located at the south end of Hamilton Street in Pomona. I was the first baby born there, March 4,1932.

“I’ve taken a lot of ribbing over that name over the years.”

When you tell people you were born at Stork Station? I can imagine. Anyone know of the place?

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  • Bob House

    Hadn’t heard of the Pomona Stork Station before, but a quick Google search shows that the name lives on at a number of maternity facilities around the country.

    [It IS a good name. Oh, and extra credit to the first reader who correctly guesses the origin of this post’s headline. — DA]

  • Bob House

    I don’t know the origin of the post headline, but it’s alright, Da (I’m only bleeding).

    [It’s alright, Bob (I’m only kidding). — DA]