Don’t subscribe? Here’s a deal for you…

OK, this post is not food-related, but it’s a good deal, so we’re passing it along.

For those of you who don’t subscribe to either The Sun or the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (and for those stray Dine 909ers in the San Gabriel Valley, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, the Whittier Daily News or the Pasadena Star News), today’s the day to subscribe.

Over at Groupon, one of those daily deal sites, new subscribers can purchase an annual subscription to the above newspapers (as long as you’re in their delivery area, naturally) for $33, which is a whopping $42 off the regular rate of $75, which is what I paid for my last renewal.

To put it in terms you might understand, for about the price of dinner for two at your favorite diner, you can get a year’s worth of your local paper delivered to your door everyday.

There’s a hitch, though, there’s a minimum number of deals that have to be purchased for everyone to get the deal. We’re currently just two people away from that goal.

On top of that, it’s a limited-time offer. As I write this, you’ve got a little less than 8 hours to subscribe, convince all your neighbors to subscribe and buy gift subscriptions for all your relatives.

Oh, and this offer includes the e-edition for free, so you can read the paper whenever you’re online.

So hurry…follow this link to save yourself 54%!

Update: The deal is on! However, there’s only about an hour left to take advantage of it.