R.I.P., S.B. CPK


It all started with a tweet.

The Twitter user wanted to know why the San Bernardino California Pizza Kitchen had closed.


It’s closed?!!?

I asked if she meant the one across from Costco and went to the CPK website to see if the San Bernardino location was still listed as one of their locations.

Nope. Not a good sign.

I drove by today and was a little shocked to see a completely stripped down building where there used to be a restaurant.

A lone sign made the announcement:

The California Pizza Kitchen at The Shoppes at Northpointe is now closed. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Please visit one of our nearby locations.

The sign then lists the information for the Riverside Plaza and Victoria Gardens locations.


I, for one, am disappointed. At least it lasted longer than its neighbor, Ruby Tuesday.

However, again, I’m probably partially to blame.

I’d only been to that location probably a half a dozen times since they opened back in, what, 2008?

As excited as I was when they opened, it seemed like I kind of forgot they were there.

Apparently, so did others.

It looks like they’ve only been closed a short while…the most recent online review I could find was from September.

I guess the lesson here is that if you like a particular restaurant, whether it’s the taco shop down the street from work or the chain restaurant with the delicious chicken tortilla soup, show it with your patronage.