Loving Hut creates controversy in Claremont

Vegan restaurant Loving Hut has created a controversy in the college town, and it’s not even open yet.

The city council last month awarded the restaurant a $50,000 federal Community Development Block Grant and many in the community are not loving the decision.

Reporter Wes Woods has done a great job documenting the controversy.

You can read his article here.

In the meantime, if you’re curious to see what Loving Hut offers, you can visit the nearby Upland location, 903 W. Foothill Blvd., Suite B.

  • Jason

    I am confused that what is this controversy about? between whom? As far as I know, Loving Hut is a fastest growing vegan restaurant chain in the world in recent years and has brought great benefits to the residents in where they opened their business, since vegan restaurants are green food and energy saving, resource saving business, and help customers to be healthier, save more animal friends of human beings,stop globing warming and restore our living environment, at the same time, offer more job opportunities for the local residents(that’s the key requirements of the government Grant, otherwise the business is not qualify to apply), so how is not proper for government to award this grant to Loving hut restaurant when they can help local residents and local business so much, but have no harm to anyone? In my reading of the article, the reporter only list the opposing parties opinions, but not the other parties reasons for the city to approve the grants, that does not seems to be a fair stand for a news reporter, The article tells me that the reporter has already has his own mind made up to against the award,Otherwise he should report both sides story or opinions, so that the readers can make their own judgments, not a conclusion based on one side story, or his own likeness. to be justified, the reporter should report the other side’s opinions and asked for proves from those opposing officials before they conclude that the vegan food is not best choice to use the government grant.