Old-school Denny’s has closed

The old-school Denny’s at 510 W. Orange Show Road has been shuttered.

Apparently it’s been closed for weeks. I just noticed this weekend.

It’s a shame. That particular location, despite being a little rough around the edges, was the one I went to most often.

That leaves San Bernardino with “only” three Denny’s: Highland Avenue (at Valencia Avenue), Palm Avenue (at I-215) and Rosewood Drive (off Tippecanoe Avenue).

Guess I’ll have to find another location for my Moons Over My Hammy fix.

One thought on “Old-school Denny’s has closed

  1. And another one bites the dust in San Bernardino’s continued downward spiral into the abyss. Another busness and building that once was a keystone to SB near E & Orange Ave. More hardworking employees losing their jobs. Perhaps SB’s Mayor can continue to blame Penman, Kelley, McCommack and Jenkins for this closure too. Soon SB will rival a ghost town.

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