Where have all the Arby’s gone?

Well, where have two of the Arby’s gone, anyway?

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin columnist David Allen tipped us off to the first one, a circa-1970 location in Pomona, on Garey Avenue.

One day the restaurant was open and the next, poof! They even dismantled the hat-shaped neon sign and carted it away.

Let’s hope they found a good home for the sign.

Apparently it was one of 10 or less in the United States that still retained the hat-shaped sign and the chuckwagon-shaped building.

Click here to read his post and reminisce.

An aside: Remember when you could tell fast food restaurants strictly by their architecture?

On the heels of that announcement, reader Carl contacted us via Facebook to let us know that the Ontario location (on Milliken Avenue across from Ontario Mills), had closed and was being replaced by the Holiday Cafe. He even included a photo.

Thanks, Carl!

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Update: Another Arby’s falls: Reports of a Chino location (on Philadelphia Street near the Target, open since late 2009?) closing as well have surfaced on Facebook.

Arby’s chat continues on David Allen’s blog, where he shares commercials filmed at the recently-closed Ontario location.