Happy birthday, Pop

I’m a day late with this, and it has nothing to do with the Dodgers, but if you’ll indulge me a personal aside … I would like to wish a happy birthday to my late grandfather, Mr. Barney Hawkins Sr., who would have turned 100 yesterday. He died when I was in high school, but he is still missed. He was known to all of his grandchildren, for reasons I have never quite figured out, as Pop. It is from him that I get my Native American heritage (he was full, my mom is half, and I am one-fourth). I wish he would have lived long enough that my daughter could have known him. My other grandfather, Arthur Edward Jackson, who was killed by a drunk driver when I was 9, would have turned 100 later this year, too. … Perfect day at the yard. Should be a nice crowd tonight, especially since most of the world doesn’t have to work tomorrow.

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