Saito update — the news isn’t good

I’m frantically writing on deadline and don’t have time to write this up myself, so here is the email from Dodgers PR chief Josh Rawitch, which just came over.

Please forgive the delay, but Saito wanted to make sure he reached his family first before it was released to the media.

He has been diagnosed with a sprained ligament in his right elbow and he will rehab the area for an estimated six weeks, at which point he will be reevaluated.

Ned is here at the All-Star Game, so getting him is going to be tough. He just gave me this quote to pass along.
“We’ll get together with Joe and come up with a plan. Obviously, it is not easy replacing someone like him. As far as trading for a closer, its a lot like trying to acquire a shortstop – it’s a premium position and most teams don’t carry an excess. We also have candidates within the staff. Many times closers are discovered in times like this. We’ll know more about what we’ll do short-term in a couple of days. And we’ll know more about Saito’s status as the rehab develops.”
We will put Saito on the 15-day DL and have a corresponding move on Friday.
Thanks and again, sorry for the delay.


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  • snuffy02

    The Vero Beach Curse strikes again. Saito is done for the season. Ned No Head Colletti is on the verge of making yet another dumb move. Believe it, The VB Curse Lives!!!

  • TNDodger

    Get well soon Sammy. You will be missed and hopefully you can get back on the mound this season? I guess this means Broxton will close? Not to put a damper on things, but Broxton is 5/21 in save opportunities for his career. Not quite a ringing endorsement for him. At least we have a couple of weeks before the trade deadline to find out if Broxton can handle it or not.

  • Buddy

    Snuffy02 has to stop with his Vero Beach diatribe. This is getting old, really fast.

    Russell Martin has caught forever in this all-star game. I hope it ends soon for the Dodgers sake.

  • Buddy

    Hey Tony,
    If this all-star game ends in a tie, how will home-field advantage in the World Series be determined? This is by far the dumbest rule MLB has ever constructed. World Series home-field advantage should be determined by the team with the best record.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Best way to snuff-out Snuffy02 is to ignore him. He’s clearly a forlorn soul hungry for attention. Let’s not feed him, and maybe he’ll go away. And if he persists, let him do so without recognition. Responding to his misguided obsession will not rid us of his rantings. Best that we give him zero recognition, secure in the thought that he’s deserving of nothing more than our pity. Sometimes it’s just necessary to suffer fools.

    And Snuffy, feel free to respond to this post as you see fit. Praise me, insult me, do anything you please, and rest assured that there will be no response. I can’t speak for my fellow bloggers, but from this point forward, for me, this matter is CLOSED.

  • Mario DiLeo

    Is the fact that Mike Koplove is on Team USA going to affect a possible call-up by the Dodgers? He would otherwise seem to be the most likely candidate to fill an empty seat in the L.A. bullpen barring an aquisition from outside the organization.