Dodgers 3, Rockies 1

This is a game the boys really needed to win, and they did, finishing their second consecutive 7-3 homestand, and this one wouldn’t have been nearly as impressive at 6-4 because that would have meant it ended with a three-game sweep at the hands of the Rockies. Big game for D-Lowe, a run on four hits over 6 1/3 innings. He struck out seven. A big game for the bullpen, too, especially Broxton. He gave up a leadoff double to Ian Stewart in the ninth, suggesting another shaky outing, and later threw a wild pitch. But he struck out the next three batters, and that was that. Dodgers hit the road with a 65-62 mark, with the Snakes hosting the Pods tonight and Brandon Webb on the hill. This is a grueling trip for the Dodgers, not just in terms of length (10 games in 10 days) but in terms of travel logistics. Assuming they get out of here by 5, they’ll get to Philly around 1 a.m. with the time change, and that means it’ll be 2 by the time everybody settles into their rooms. Philly ends with a night game on Monday, then a bus ride to DC. DC ends with a night game Thursday and then a redeye to PHX (why can’t you go East to West on a commercial redeye flight?). The whole thing ends with a day game in PHX, but then there isn’t an off-day before the next homestand either.

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  • karmabad

    This series is going to be tough. We need aggressive offense and the pitching to hold up against this insanely powerful lineup. The Phillies for some reason fell asleep in the last series, or the Dodgers figured them out. Either way I hope they win the series because the damn Dbacks aren’t letting up!Both these teams are trying to get back into first so obviously it’s a really important series for all.