Colletti confirms meeting with Boras about Manny

It happened late last night, at Scott’s request, and it was the first correspondence between the two sides since Nov. 4, when the Dodgers made their two-year, $45 million offer that was later rescinded whey they got no response.
“He said that Manny still has interest in playing for the Dodgers,” Colletti said. “I said thank you for the information.”
And that was pretty much where the sides left it.
“We haven’t (decided on) the next step,” Colletti said. “As time goes on, we will decide what the next step is. I don’t know if there is a next step or not.”
The Dodgers APPEAR to have all the leverage in this matter, given that there doesn’t appear to be any serious interest on the part of ANY other club in Manny Ramirez, which is probably a big reason why Boras suddenly requested this meeting. And it is pretty clear that Ned is enjoying the fact that the club is in complete control. Ned was asked by us whether the original offer could materialize again, and he said he didn’t know yet.
Could Manny and Boras be starting to panic?
Ned also said he and Boras discussed Derek Lowe, but that nothing has changed there.
“I do not believe Derek Lowe is going to pitch for the Dodgers next year,” Colletti said.