Sabathia slipping from Dodgers’ grasp?

Even as the Dodgers’ deals with Mark Loretta and Casey Blake appear to be either done or close to done, it might not help their effort to sign CC Sabathia, something the Dodgers aren’t expected to try to do until they fill their shortstop vacancy. The word around here is that Giants officials are supremely confident that they are going to sign the big lefty, this despite the fact they are already paying all that money to Barry Zito. If Sabathia does sign with the Giants, that would dramatically change their prospects in the very-winnable N.L. West next season. I’ll update when I know more.

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  • DNoz29

    Sabathia not coming to LA is one thing. Sabathia ending up in Frisco is just horrible.

  • DodgersBeCursed

    Frisco? It’s SAN Francisco! Sabathia coming home to the Bay Area would be incredibly awesome because the all you dodger blues will have the “blues”!!!!!! I can’t wait for the signing! Ned Colleti is a traitor and will cause a curse to fall upon the small d dodgers. Sabathia wants to be a Dodger….that is HILARIOUS!!! Ned C. is pulling some lowly dodger pranks knowing that a guy who grew up in the Bay Area rooting for the Giants would say he wanted to be a dodger. For once it isn’t about money…why do you think he hasn’t accepted the yankes’s and or brewer’s proposals. He wants to play for his favorite boyhood team! dodgers be CURSED. Go Giants with a BIG G!

  • snuffy02

    Great! McCourts continue to jack up ticket & parking prices & get Blake & Loretta while still paying on Ned’s follies with the likes of Jones, Schmidt, Pierre and Frisco gets CC?! What a wonderful Dodger world we live in. Color me blue.

  • BruinFBBB

    This is good news for Frisco and bad news for the Dodgers.

    The Dodgers have struggled these last 20 years but Frisco has never won a World Series. Ever.

    Maybe they should hang the NY Giants’ banners in Frisco?

    Frisco is nice; CC will have to settle for Frisco if the Dodgers don’t get it together.

  • joshburke2

    This is been by far the most intriguing off-season in my baseball-lovin life! The cloak and dagger BS is off the reservation!

    Sabean is prepared to drive Sabathias price tag through the roof, but the Dodgers will win the cattle auction (sorry CC, but thats about the way that youre being bought and sold more than about any weight reference: if you are reading this, C-Bath, Dodger fans ran out of fat jokes about a week before AJs knee surgery so you are safe)

    PS no offense to Andrew Jones, I rock the flab as well and my wife digs it!

  • $28.88 million per for 6 years. That’s where the bidding starts right now for CC. I see the Dogs over bidding that –when pigs fly! How can you justify that kind of money to a 300 pound man in his late twenties? Give him that much money for that long and he’ll be 400 pounds by the time he’s half through the deal. Then watch him try to get a little extra giddyup on a fastball when he needs a strikeout and put all that girth into the pitch and promptly, his arm will fall off! Then we’ll have to eat the rest of the deal ala Schmidt.

    CC would make our rotation the best in baseball. But sign him and we’ll have to pass on Manny and Furcal. Without Manny or Furcal will have a squad of geriatric popguns and a few developing kids.

    I’d rather see Ned and Fred sign Furcal and Manny and then go after a guy like Jamie Moyer. I’ve seen a lot of Moyer who throws nothing but change ups and changes of pace on his change ala Preacher Roe. He’d be cheap, and he can still pitch even at age 46. He’d be solid and there’s no risk of his injuring his arm. With all the fastball pitchers we have his soft tosses would probably drive the opposition mad.