Manny reportedly threatens to retire

Don’t believe it for a second, though. This is just, as they used to say in Boston, Manny being Manny.,0,548502.story

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  • snuffy02

    How about let the McCourts retire–they have raped us fans enough. And then YOU retire Tony Jackson. You are a lap dog for the McCourts. I met you in Vero Beach last spring & you had no respect for Dodgertown & its 60 year traditions (which were 50 yrs. as LA), and never will understand Vero Beach (not to mention you knew you were going to live in Glendale all along), but keep sucking up to the McCourts and their doomed ownership. You make a fine living peddling the McCourts bull crap.

  • BruinFBBB

    Keep up the great work Tony. I really enjoy reading your coverage of the blue crew.

    Someone pass snuffy his blood-pressure medication…

  • UCLA Tripod

    Tell us how u really feel Snuffy..

    I cant believe there are basically no teams offering Manny and I am more surprised more teams arent trying to trade for Peavy.. Seems like the Padres cant give him away, they must be asking for a lot of top prospects and draft picks.

    Bottom line is that the Dodgers need to resign Manny and another good starting pitcher to make another run in the playoffs..

  • BruinFBBB

    Jake will only waive his no-trade clause for like 5 teams or something…

    That gives those 5 teams a lot of leverage and its producing a stalemate…

    But spend money on Manny? No way, the stadium needs more renovations…

  • Shut the fuck up, snuffy02.

  • ABQDodger

    What a bluff! Manny’s got too big of an ego not to be playing baseball. Is the arbitration period over? If not, he might just take the one-year deal from the Dodgers and take his chances again next year.

    By the way, Tony, regardless of what certain posters say here, you’re doing a very good job keeping us informed.

  • lawdog

    Signing Manny and Furcal will not cost us any of our young players. And if we dont at least go get Manny we will not contend next season unless one of our young players catches lightening in a bottle.

    Its almost comical. No one else wants to sign Manny because they worry about chemistry with their existing team and fans. We are the only team that knows for sure that you couldnt ask for a better fit with the best hitter in the game. Bidding stays lowso what does the idiot geriatric team of Ned and Fred do? Go sign him up fast before someone else decides to take a flyer on him out of desperation?

    Hell no! Our geniuses at the top would rather play gotcha games with Borass than make this obvious move for the good of the franchise and the mental health of the long suffering fans.

    This is really starting to piss me off!

  • Snuffy!

    Holy cow, what a rant! Snuffy’s like Danny McGrath(Steve Buscemi) from Billy Madison … C’mon T-Jac, just throw that old ELO LP on the turntable and call Snuffy. It’s an obvious cry for help.

  • Denton True

    Tony, I’m not sure how you suddenly acquired a rep as a “McCourt lapdog” but I’m sure you are not sweating snuffy02’s accusations 🙂

    Of course Manny isn’t going to retire but it can’t sit well with him that his agent has a biger fish (Texeira) to worry about first and only then will Boras worry about finding a home for Manny.

    Plus, I’m sure Manny ate up all the crap Boras fed him back in August/September about how the A-Rod contract is the standard as to which Manny’s next deal will be based on and suddenly now it’s Bonds’s much less lucrative deal that is the so-called standard.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Here’s a new standard. Raul Ibanez, who like Manny will turn 37 next season, is reported to have just signed a 3 year deal with the Phillies for $30 million. Colletti already said that the Dodgers were not willing to go 4 or 5 years with Manny, which says to me that they are probably willing to go 3 years. Barring the sudden entrance of another team, maybe a 3 year deal at a lot more dollars than Ibanez is doable.

    Snuffy, if you want to exhibit your mental instability, that’s fine with me. But please, keep out the profanity (surprised is got past the censors).

  • How much real money is it going to cost Fred not to sign Manny?

    Id bet Mannys presence in the lineup probably adds 15,000 fans in the seats for home games. Thats 1.2 million seats a year. If the average seat costs $50, thats $60 million dollars a year in pure profit for the dogs. This doesnt count the revenue for Dodger dogs, beer, pepsis, peanuts and maltsthe profits on which are probably at least $25 dollars per seat, or an other $30 million dollars per year. Thats $90 million per year.

    Now this doesnt take into account that the Dogs get a percentage of the gate in games in which they are visitors. Manny must increase that figure by at least 10% overallwhatever it is.

    Im beginning to wonder how the dogs can afford not to sign Manny NOW and stop quibbling over a million here or a million there over the life of a 4 year deal. Manny would repay and return 100% on the 4 year money in the first two years easily. And if we fail to sign Manny, well see a plunge in attendance that eats up more than the 15,000 per game he brings in. Well probably lose 20,000 fans due to fan disgust and the increasingly hard times. So we not only lose the 100+ million made in two years for signing Manny for 4 yearswe lose another $65 million per year for those two years just for being felony stupid. (If we sign him this gives all the revenues for years 3 and 4 to the Dogs gratis.)

    What in the hell are Ned and Fredthat dynamic , geriatric duothinking? Maybe they dont like to think. Causes headaches and the like. Im afraid we have morons masquerading as business men in the front office.

    These obviously are very rough figures but Ill bet they are on the low side when you figure it all out. If a pair of season tickets costs $13,000 per yearhow many season ticket holders can Fred afford to lose just because he wants to play gotcha and chicken with Borass.

    Someone needs to kick Fred in his Borass if he screws up the Manny deal!!!

  • BruinFBBB

    Glad to see you’re not basing anything off of pure speculation lawdog…

    But who is Fred? Did you mean Frank?

  • lawdog

    Old age ain’t for sissies!

    I got so caught up in my rant I changed Frank’s first name to Fred so it would fit nicely with “Ned”.

    You might tend to do stupid things like that too when you close in on the big “six-oh” like me…

    I based those figures on the assumption that Manny brings in 15,000 fans, on the average, to a home game. I got that figure from a broadcaster for a team we were playing that I was watching on MLB Extra Innings. I believe it was one of the Rockies’ play by play guys.

    But if he’s high and Manny only brings in 10,000 extra fans, you just reduce the figure by one third. Manny is worth a fortune to McCourt and he’s a complete fool to be playing these silly games at this point. If somebody else winds up signing Manny because McCourt wants to make Manny feel bad and mess with his head–I’ll be absolutely furious!

  • snuffy02

    Brooklyn dodger–how stable are you; you would realize that I did not use any profanity, just clean facts old man. It was Kensai who used the F bomb. Wake up!

  • I’ve got a real bad feeling about this. The way Frank mocked Borass at their last meeting and refused to put the offer back on the table–if nothing else–must have really pissed Borass off. Watch, when he gets an offer from another team, he (Borass) will stretch out the waiting time and then announce the signing without coming back to the Dogs just like he did with Beltre.

    In the meantime, Chuckles McCourt will sit on his thumb and do nothing. We’ll wind up going into the season with a few geriatric pop guns and a bunch of kids without any confidence and we’ll finish last.

    And what’s wrong with a little use of light profanity when making a point you want folks to remember? If I refer to a certain Northern California NFL team as the “farty whiners” you’ll probably remember my point easier than if my post refers to simply the 49ers, don’t you think?

  • krpballer

    Does anyone on this board know anything about baseball negotiations? Of course McCourt and Ned want Manny back but it would be foolish to offer him some crazy contract right now when no one else is bidding on him and he wouldn’t take it anyway becauase he is going to wait to see what else is out there! Once Texeira signs manny will be the next domino to fall and you can bet your left nut that the blue will guarantee him 3 years at somewhere around $60-$65M. Now if that’s not enough to get him back then he will be playing elsewhere next year. My guess is the Angels make a play for him or and this hurts me to say those pumpkins up north. Let’s get Furcal and a few more arms signed and the Manny thing will take care of itself.