• Here’s an idea. How about Ross freakin’ Porter?

    Dodger fans loved him, and those carpetbaggers rolled into town and blew him out without explanation. Their play-by-play has been a notch below mediocre ever since.

    This is something that the McCourts could do that would actually gain favor with the fans, and everyone knows those opportunities are few and far between for this ownership.

    Think about it Frank and whatever you decide, don’t try to make the broadcast “entertaining.” It won’t be.

  • BruinFBBB

    Good idea King.

    Show Lyons the door while we’re making changes…

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    This is with regard to the previous thread in which you estimated that Manny would add 15,000 fans per game. Actually, Dodger attendance in 2008 was 3,730,000, which is an average of about 46,000 per game. Since Dodger Stadium has a capacity of 56,000, the most additional fans that could be attracted per game is about 10,000, which translates to an attendance increase of 810,000. Since even with Manny there is not likely to be a sellout for EVERY game, the actual increase would probably be lower.

    Of course, if the Dodgers win they will likely find it easier to increase ticket prices in the future, and raise the price of food and merchandise. Furthermore, sponsorship and other promotional income would likely increase significantly.

    What the Dodgers need is a regional network like the Yankees (YES), Mets (SNY) and the Red Sox (NESN) on which they could promote the team and Manny. It’s my understanding that McCourt purchased the Dodgers for about half its value in 2004, and in so doing tied the Dodgers contractually to broadcast their games on FOX. Consequently, the Dodgers are unable at this time to establish a regional network. I’m not sure of the date, but I believe that by 2012 the Dodgers will be rid of this restriction, and I suspect that they are planning for the establishment of such an entity, possibly to coincide with the completion of renovations to Dodgers Stadium.

    If anyone wonders why the Yankees were able to throw unlimited amounts of money at Sabathia, the answer can be summarized in two words, REGIONAL NETWORK. These networks have a value in the BILLIONS (that’s with a “B”). Large market team that they are, the Dodgers can still not compete with Yankees, Mets and Red Sox in the spending arena. I recently read an article by Peter Gammons in which he stated that McCourt is trying to bring Dodger revenues into the 21st century. The move Glendale is probably part of that process, and I imagine, within a few years, so too will be the establishment of a regional network.


    I’m not certain that 2012 is the year that all of this can happen, but maybe you have some information that will clarify this issue.

  • joshburke2

    Eric Karros!

    He’s got that ‘stroke slur’ like he just did a pile of blow, but he (and his hairdo) rocks!

  • TeamHasHoles

    Posted this on Hoffarth’s story, but I’ll put it here too:

    There’s a lot of good play-by-play talent out there these days, but if the Dodgers are actually going to use this 40-game-a-season contract as the exclusive “Scully Replacement” tryout, then they shouldn’t settle on one person. They need to have a listen to a number of people. So I say bring in everyone from Billy Mac and Spero Dedes (when his Laker gig is over in June) to Matt Smith and Rich Eisen. Someone who is smart and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Matt Vasgersian would also be a terrific choice, but sadly, he’s under contract elsewhere right now.

    And by the way, I’d love for the Dodgers to bring back Ross, even if for only a few games a year. Not only a class act, but I myself LOVED his statistical approach to broadcasting. After all, no game any of us watches lends itself better to stats, especially in the era of rotisserie baseball like the game of baseball. It would also be a treat to hear Al Michaels call a few Dodger games, I mean, why not??

    My point being, they shouldn’t settle on one guy to work with Lyons; they should get a few different people in during the season and see what the fans think.

  • snuffy02

    The way the McCourts treated Ross Porter was dispicable. It just showed what kind of people they really are–creeps.

    Also, the reason the McCourts cannot compete with the Yanks, R. Sox, Mets, is not entirely a lack of a regional network. It is in part because the McCourts did not have the cash the buy the Dodgers in the first place. They are in hock to Fox who lent them millions to buy the Dodgers from Fox. That included the agreement for the Dodgers to remain on Fox’s regional sports network. The McCourts need cash in a bad way just to pay off their loans. That’s why the spring training tix prices & Dodger Stadium prices have sky rocketed: not to pay for a good product on the field but to pay off McCourt’s loans.

  • BruinFBBB

    Snuffy, please stop being so myopic and try taking a look at the big picture for a change…

    The McCourts are trying to build something for the future. That takes time. It would be easier if they would simply commit to a youth movement but that have chosen to try to win a little bit on the way…

    Manny will not put the Dodgers over the top. There are too many other pieces missing.

    And its not like the McCourts are pocketing all of the money that they are charging. They are investing it into stadium improvements and the new Arizona facility-

    All of this way pay dividends in the long term.

    Hopefully all of the off the field work will come together right in line with the kids maturing and the new tv contract. Then it will be worth it to add fill in the gaps with some free agents…

    (provided ned can stop signing the Schmidts, Jones, Pierres, of the world)…

  • Mario DiLeo

    Ross Porter? I’ve been an every day fan since the Jerry Doggett days and altho his termination could have been handled better, I didn’t LOOOVE him…as far as a TV face for the Dodgers, my vote goes down Interstate 5 to get Jose Mota…

  • Brooklyn Dodger,

    Re: The fortune M anny would make McCourt:

    I based those figures quoted on the other thread on the assumption that Manny brings in 15,000 fans, on the average, to a home game. I got that figure from a broadcaster for a team we were playing that I was watching on MLB Extra Innings. I believe it was one of the Rockies play by play guys.

    But if hes high and Manny only brings in 10,000 extra fans, you just reduce the figure by one third. It’s still an outrageously large sum of money!

    Manny is worth a fortune to McCourt and hes a complete fool to be playing these silly games at this point. If somebody else winds up signing Manny because McCourt wants to make Manny feel bad and mess with his headIll be absolutely furious!

    Ive got a real bad feeling about this. The way Fred mocked Borass at their last meeting and refused to put the offer back on the tableif nothing elsemust have really pissed Borass off. Watch, when he gets an offer from another team, he (Borass) will stretch out the wait time and then announce the signing without coming back to the Dogs just like he did with Beltre.

    In the meantime, Chuckles McCourt will sit on his thumb and do nothing. Well wind up going into the season with a few geriatric pop guns and a bunch of kids without any confidence. If this happens we will probably finish dead last.

    McCourt is truly “felony stupid.”

  • oops. That should be “Frank” not “Fred”. We need an edit button for old fools like me.

  • lawdog

    I thought Ross Porter died…

  • BruinFBBB


    Those figures are ridiculous. Period.

    Let’s say the Dodgers sign Manny…then what? Lose in the NLCS, if we’re lucky?

    Save the money for 2010, when LeBron is a free-agent…

  • BruinFBBB

    Mota is a great sideline reporter but I’d rather listen to paint dry than hear him in the booth…

  • Bruin,

    It’s easy to say the figures are ridiculous. But try to show me where I’m wrong. If Manny brings in an extra 10,000 fans per game at $50 per seat for 81 games.

    You do the math. The amount of money McCpourt stsand to make by signing Manny and keeping him happy is extraordinary.

    I can’t believe Mc Court is so dumb as to have missed this. I guess he figured the extra jack flowing into his coffers after Manny arrived last year was a coincidence. “Heaven Sent”, maybe?

  • BruinFBBB

    Maybe he sees the gigantic flaws in your “logic”?

    Because its easy to say IF based on an arbitrary number you pulled out of a hat that you cannot substantially qualify whatsoever…

    Oh yeah, a Rockies broadcaster mentioned it; it must be worth something…

    The point is you can argue that Manny will put some people in the seats. But to say that he will put 5, 10, or 15,000 people in the stands is INSANE.

    5000 extra fans will not pay to see a struggling ball club and it could be a tough year for the Dodgers with or without Manny…

    The Dodgers are a young team. Manny will not put them over top. If the Dodgers had a chance to win it all and he was the last piece of the pie things would be different…

    If he doesn’t go Terrell Owens on us…

    And he finds a fountain of youth before his contract is up…

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Actually Snuffy, I do not believe that McCourt is in hock to News Corp. for the original deal. I believe that McCourt sold all of his Boston holdings at the height of the real estate boom, and used the proceeds to pay off his note with News Corp.

    I also recall reading that Dodger Stadium was refinanced for 25 years, but that’s a tangible asset in which the Dodgers have equity. Besides, I think the refinance was at very favorable rates. I’m also sure that the $500 million Dodger Stadium project involves extensive financing. But it’s an investment in future revenues that is no different than the Yankees and Mets investing in new ballparks. And I’m sure it’s long term financing.


    I’m not going to put a number on how many extra fans Manny would attract. I’m sure that whatever the number is, it would be substantial, provided the Dodgers win. Also, if it was the pivotal factor in getting the Dodgers into the postseason, it would generate additional playoff revenue. Manny is also going to move merchandise, and as I noted previously, he would likely be instrumental in bringing in additional promotional/sponsorship money. Whatever the case, I’m not arguing that the Dodgers shouldn’t sign Manny. By all means I think they should, as long as his contract isn’t ridiculously long. Even if Manny brought in an additional 250,000 fans, that would cover a significant part of his contract. Throw in merchandising, sponsorship money, etc., and he might even come close to paying for himself. And if it’s the lead in to an eventual regional network, all the better.

    By the way, I believe in your post in the previous thread you mentioned that the Dodgers share in road revenues. Actually, I think that practice was done away with several years ago. However, if anything, that benefits the Dodgers. If they’re not sharing in road revenues, then the road teams playing at Dodger Stadium aren’t sharing in Dodger revenues.

  • Luke McCain

    I liked Ross Porter but he is 70 years old and the Dodgers are probably looking for someone younger.