Hold the phone: Furcal still talking to Dodgers

Ned Colletti just informed me that “we have had many conversations today on the subject of Rafael Furcal” and that “I can’t tell you if it’s dead or not. I can only tell you that his people continue to engage me in conversation as if it’s not, and I have been assured by them that it’s not.” What is clear here is that somebody, either the Dodgers or the Braves, is being lied to by Furcal and his people, because the reports out of Atlanta and nationally have this as a done deal pending a physical. Ned still won’t say whether the Dodgers have offered to guarantee the third year, but if they’re still in on Furcal, it’s pretty obvious that they have because the Braves’ alleged done deal is for three years and an option.

  • TeamHasHoles

    getting a little farcical this is. Obviously LA is his first choice. I’m surprised he’d give the Dodgers a hometown discount though or miss out on guaranteed money from ATL.

    Surprised it isn’t done. Raffy must really wanna stay to be doing this to his other former employer.

  • snuffy02

    Do not trust the McCourts & No Head Ned. They’re trying to save face.

    Just about everything the McCourts have done has been for the rich cat fans, not the regular people. The renovations at Dodger Stadium adding in pricier seats, including the concession stands only on the first level. The move from Vero Beach (which was the real fan’s paradise) to the slab of cement in the desert & the highest prices in spring training history including luxury boxes. McCourts could care less about the regluar (for lack of a better word) fans. Now the McCourts go on the cheap for the product on the field. Remember, we are funding the McCourts Malibu estates before anything else.

  • El Lay Dave

    Or maybe some sources aren’t as good as some people think? Weren’t the initial sources Atlanta FO related? Wasn’t the initial report from Rosenthal the dubious?

    snuffy02 – to be fair, ANY businessman would have started the concessions upgrade at the field level first.

  • msarg29


    I read your blog and newspaper everyday to follow the Dodgers.

    It appears to me that you as well as the rest of the LA press is consistently beaten on this beat by national baseball writers or other writers in other markets.

    Rosenthal, Crasnick and Brown have been all over this story. Maybe they jumped the gun, but its clear they had good sources on this. Then they continued to follow the story as it develops, even if it contradicts their earlier story.

    Brown yesterday morning also had good info about the Dodgers evaluation of Furcal’s back.

    If you are actively working this, pushing your sources then I apologize.

    Unfortunately, I do not see the fruits of those efforts.

  • TeamHasHoles

    very polite, msarg29. Completely unfair criticism in a public manner making it utterly inappropriate, but very polite.

    Nice job!!

  • krpballer

    Take it for what it’s worth but Yahoo is reporting that blue are “nearing an agreement” with Furcal.


  • lawdog

    Dylan Hernandez of the Times, in an article just published on their website quoted Raffy’s agent as follows:

    Rafael Furcal’s agent, Paul Kinzer, said today that the free agent shortstop is leaning toward re-signing with the Dodgers.

    “Right now, things have swung back to the Dodgers,” Kinzer told the New York Post at a news conference at Shea Stadium to introduce another one of his clients, Francisco Rodriguez.

  • http://lawdog lawdog

    From Rosenthal earier today:

    On Tuesday, it appeared that Furcal had all but decided to go back to Atlanta, the team for whom he played his first six MLB seasons. The Braves offered a three-year deal worth approximately $30 million, according to major-league sources, and included a vesting option for a fourth year that likely will push the potential value to $40 million.

    While the Braves did not reach a formal agreement with Furcal, they were under the distinct impression Monday night that a deal was all but imminent, sources say.

    The Dodgers, however, re-entered the discussions on Tuesday and suddenly showed interest in extending their offer beyond two guaranteed years.

    Furcals reasons for choosing the Dodgers over the Braves are unclear. But he will remain at shortstop with the Dodgers; the Braves, depending upon the outcome of other moves, might have moved him to second base.

    The As are believed to have made the high offer for Furcal four years guaranteed in the $40 million range, according to major-league sources.

    Furcal, 31, left the Braves for the Dodgers after the 2005 season, signing a three-year, $39 million free-agent contract. The Dodgers had until now been reluctant to re-sign him long-term due to medical concerns.