Today’s Manny non-update

While Colletti was in the media room discussing the Ethier settlement, we asked him about Manny. Specifically, I asked him if the club has made any offers beyond the two we already know about, the two-year, $45 million one from October and the one-year, $25 million from a couple of weeks ago. He said no more offers had been made. Dylan Hernandez from the Times then asked, “Has there been a counteroffer?” and Ned said, “Sort of.” He wouldn’t comment beyond that, but it’s clear he was talking about a proposal that was so far out of the Dodgers’ range as to be unrealistic. That’s today’s update.

  • TeamHasHoles

    3 offers if you include the arbitration offer, which, while having NO CHANCE of ever being accepted by Manny/Boras, was still technically an offer nonetheless.

  • Jackie

    Just give the guy 3 years..
    He is gonna hit till he is 40..
    This is killing me..

  • shhango

    The question is: What length of contract is “so far out of the Dodger’s range as to be unrealistic”? Reports are that they have been asking for four years. Is three years also considered unrealistic? If so, I wouldn’t fault Manny one bit for looking elsewhere for a one or two year deal.