This is a good deal for both sides, so let’s get it done and move on

Not that Scott Boras is going to listen to ME. But I think I speak of all the beat hacks — and a lot of people inside the Dodgers organization — when I say this Manny Ramirez issue needs closure. I’m guessing you, the fans, are getting pretty tired of it, too. We have been following this story almost daily since the end of last season, and really, nothing has changed. Until today, or the past few days, or whenever this all started to come together, nothing had really changed on either side in all that time. That having been said, I do think that if this deal gets done, the Dodgers have a chance to be really, really good, especially if they can pick up another frontline starting pitcher along the way and especially if Jonathan Broxton comes through as the new closer. This lineup is going to be scary, with Furcal and Hudson at the top and probably a right-left-right-left look from three through seven. See you in the morning … unless something happens sooner than that.