All quiet so far

It’s 8:37 a.m. at Camelback Ranch, and it appears to be business as usual. Have yet to hear the words “Manny Ramirez” outside the media room. Everybody just going about their business. There are a few guys out in the pit with Maury Wills working on bunting. Bus doesn’t leave for Scottsdale until 11, so the team will taking batting practice here first. If something happens Manny-wise, I’ll get it up here as quickly as possible, so keep checking.

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  • Go Dodgers

    LA Times reporter Dylan Hernandez is reporting that Boras is still in negotiations with the Dodgers. He’s holding on to that “other team” card. Personally, I think he’s full of it, but what do I know.,0,1721028.story?track=rss

  • karmabad

    I’ve been checking…every other hour last night, and this morning. What’s his freakin’ deal!? Wake up, Manny! The Dodgers REALLY want you! No other team does because of your behavior, initial demands, your agent and age.

    Oh, and also…there’s a recession/depression going on at the moment, and you’re turning away millions of dollars to play a child’s game?!

  • TeamHasHoles


    To your knowledge, has Boras even counter proposed anything on behalf of his client? Kinda hard to consider anything a “negotiation” when to this point it’s pretty much been a monologue.