Ned Colletti says deferred money was always part of the negotiations

And this is going back to the Dodgers’ first offer last fall.
“Deferred comp (compensation) was part of the deal from the very beginning,” Colletti said.
He added that was the case even with the one-year, $25 million offer the Dodgers made to Ramirez on Feb. 1.
“We didn’t get into (specifics), but we said `with a deferred component.’ We barely got the words out of our mouths before it was rejected.”
Colletti said he left Scott Boras two voicemail messages this morning and has yet to hear back from him. Colletti wouldn’t acknowledge that there was a noon deadline.

Ned also said this:
“I have asked Scott many times to tell us where we are at, what we are bidding against, to tell us what we have to meet. We have yet to be told what the parameters are.”

On another note, Jason Schmidt got roughed up in the B game. Actually, it was more a matter of control. He threw 21 pitches, only 10 of which were strikes, and the inning was ended after a walk to Jermaine Dye because Schmidt had reached his pitch limit.

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  • earteaga31

    I wouldn’t trust this boot wearing idiot farther than I could throw him, and lately that is pretty far. Get some business sense Ned.

  • coast2coast62

    Sounds to me that Frank is not wanting to fork over the cash. 25 Million a year is alot of money,but I guarantee you that Manny will pay for himself for this year.The fans will come, the dreads will be bought and the Blue will win the West with him! Get it done Frank and Ned. Don’t think that you will get lucky again and will be able to land another power hitter like Manny again. The only one I can think of who can possible be dealt would be Matt Holliday in Oakland. Isn’t he represented by Boras too?

  • TimboAg

    If they have a deal basically agreed to and are willing to let it fall apart simply over the money being deferred a couple years then this is a joke of an organization. They worked very hard to make Boras appear the bad guy when it turns out Frank was the guilty party all along.

    The payroll is already down substantially from last year even with 25 added in for Manny. Next year’s payroll projects even lower with Schmidt coming off the books.

    Thanks for nothing, McCourt. Sell the team to someone that can afford it.

  • Dan

    This is ridiculous. I am so sick of these excuses. Just shut up and get the deal done, Ned. If you wanted it as badly as the rest of us then it should have been done by now.

  • KevinS

    Dude!! Sell one of your Malibu estates and get ‘er done!! You can buy another one after the World Series!!

  • grumpy3b

    What did anyone not think McCourt was not a slime-ball? Dude is in real estate…look at the economy and look at who controlled the primary reason people in this country are currently buggered…buying a home has become what buying a used car can be. McCourtCo is simply a leverage oriented spin doctor realtor.

    Then again Boras is no white knight either….they deserve each other and us fans deserve better than either of them bring to the table.

  • cheba63

    These discussions for a deal that is 2 years with the 2nd year being a player option just is a horrible idea for the Dodgers. It’s a one year deal, just with 20 mil of insurance added on to it for Manny. For a team that states they don’t want to bid against themselves, they sure allowed these negotiations to turn completely against them.

  • ELManiaco

    Jon Heyman of is reporting that Boras will take the 2yr/45mil offer without deferrals. Which isn’t much of a surprise. I have to agree that this deal isn’t very good for the Dodgers, but its the only way to sign Manny.

  • bryboiblue

    Great, that’s Boras’ starting demand, 2 years, $45M with no deferrals — though I betchya he hasn’t told Ned Colletti or Frank McCourt that. Now they need to sit down and negotiate, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

    Why should the Dodgers meet Boras’ demands rather than trying to get the best deal possible. That’s called business.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Ahhh the Cult of Manny. You guys are great at spending other people’s money.

  • grumpy3b

    hahahaha…the tension today as a fan is just driving me nutz!!! Much as the whole dawg ‘n pony show has been fun, annoying and tiresome, I still would like to see FMRam as a Dodger for two seasons. Even on full season would be just as fun as could be…the guy just fits, and if not, it will still be funny to watch.

  • ToyCannon

    How is this other people’s money? It is us fans spending the money on outrageous ticket prices, merchandise, parking fees, concessions, etc. to pay the players. McCheap has been disingenuous & deceptive. Boras/Manny would have accepted a straight 2 yr. $45 mill deal with 2nd yr. player option. McCheap continues to make offers he knows will be rejected & runs to the media to say Manny rejected another offer. McCheap doesn’t mention the deferred payment plan until now–just give the guy his money & let’s play ball.