This changes everything

You have no doubt seen the numerous reports that are out there this morning that the Dodgers’ two-year, $45 million offer to Manny Ramirez was largely deferred money. He would receive $10 million this year, with the other $15 million deferred, and $10 million NEXT year and the other $10 million deferred. If Manny had exercised the option year, he would have gotten $10 million in each of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and $5 million in 2013. And here is the kicker to the whole thing: BORAS/MANNY WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED THE OFFER if it had actually been what we all originally reported it was, a straight $25 million this year, a straight $20 million for 2010, with an opt-out after the first year. Given all of that, it’s no wonder they didn’t take the deal. The wonder is that the Dodgers wasted their time making an offer that they HAD TO KNOW wouldn’t be accepted. Why would they do that, you ask? Well, now Frank McCourt gets to say to his fan base, “Hey, I tried.” Well, no, Frank, you really didn’t.

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  • karmabad

    Looks like the same deal is on the table from Boras/Manny…but with no freakin payments. I can’t believe that. Strike that. Actually, I can.


  • I went to bed last night really wondering what the heck Manny & Boras had in their bongs, BUT now it’s McCourt who I’m questioning.

    I wonder if Frank will allow me to defer my payments for 3-4 years for tickets, parking and food at what will be “boring” Dodger Stadium this year with no Manny.

    Ridiculous and Dodger fans should be pissed! I am.

  • romeo27


    It is nice to finally see you take a shot at Ownership. In most cases you take the side of the team. I think you see McCourt’s true colors and let’s all hope he can sell a house or piece of land to offset the cost of giving Manny his $25 Million in 2009 with no deferred monies.

    We are praying for Mannywood Part Deux!

  • GobiasIndustries

    “I wonder if Frank will allow me to defer my payments for 3-4 years for tickets, parking and food at what will be “boring” Dodger Stadium this year with no Manny.”

    Total comedy.

  • redeyewriter

    You’re right Gobias…The McCourts are total comedy.

  • neoncactus

    First of all, how many superstars would agree to defer their money? Not many, and especially not Manny. My other question is WHY would McCourt defer this money? He’s already got Andruw Jones money deferred and may have to defer some Juan Pierre money in the next year or two to get rid of him. So pay Manny the money this year (because there’s a high probability he won’t take his option next year anyway) while you still have Loney, Kemp, DeWitt, Billingsley, and Kershaw at pre-arb salaries. Otherwise you save $15 million this year and screw up your payroll another year.

  • yMcourt?

    way to go after McCourt Tony! This was a public relations stunt from start to finish. Even look at how fast the press release came out from the Dodgers following the rejection with McCourt blasting Boras. Los Angeles A’s here we come…don’t look for expensive free agents in LA anymore. I agree with Gobias lets defer ticket prices for a few years!

  • Andrea

    While I truly believe Boras has mis-handled Manny’s situation from the start, this stunt by McCourt only re-lowers my opinion of him.

  • ernestreyes

    I can tell you why McCourt made the deferred payment offer. He has been waiting for a counter offer and he finally got one.

  • Mario DiLeo

    In an earlier comment, I said that Scott Boras is the Drew Rosenhaus of baseball. Now, I say that Frank McCourt is the Bruce McNall of baseball, you know, smoke and mirrors, here today, gone to Maui. So I guess it’s goodbye Dodgertown in Vero Beach, goodbye Las Vegas 51s, goodbye ManRam. McNall had his #99 in Wayne Gretzky and McCourt had #99 for a bright, shining moment…

  • Dave R.

    With all the money deferred on Jones’ deal as well as the expiring contracts of guys like Penny and Lowe, you’d have to think the McCourts could find a few more million. Insanity here. If the Dodgers don’t accept this offer, the backlash is going to be tremendous.

  • sj

    I guess I’ll be the only dissenting opinion here. Last I checked, Manny was about getting paid. Unless he’s an idiot (jury’s still out) he did get the money he wanted. Couple that with the fact that he can sign with whomever he wants after the 2nd year and essentially double dip. Am I wrong? He gets paid regardless. I’m all for getting what you can now, but look around Manny, $45 mil is $45 mil. Poor baby that you have to wait a whole 5 years to get all of it. He better be careful or else he’ll be sitting at home this year (making $0 and not getting any younger). Oh wait, didn’t Boras say they had “a lot of other teams interested.” Uh, don’t think so.

  • For sj and other posters who don’t understand how the financial system works.

    Someone on the dodgerblues board wrote this explanation, which makes sense, in regards to $45 million over 2 years or deferred over 5 years:
    You aren’t actually still getting the same 45 million. Especially looking at the economic forecast for the next 3-5 years. McCourt knows full well that, judging by the actions of the government and the fed, there will be high inflation (if not hyperinflation) over the next few years, most likely starting towards the midde or end of 2010. It would not be out of the question to see inflation surpass the 10%+ annual rate seen during the late 70s/early 80s, right when the Dodgers will be paying Manny his deferred money. With no interest, that 25 million he’s owed between 2011 and 2013 will be discounted by about 10% (if not more) in terms of the time that he will actually earn the cash.

    Unfortunately for McCourt, Scott Boras also knows a thing or two about economics, so this underhanded move failed.

    You make the “in this economy” argument, this is a pretty shyster move by the Dodgers to hide the fact that their offer is really lower than advertised, and then to make a big public stink about how their offer was rejected to try and place all the blame on Manny.

  • D’Accardo42

    Thank you Tony for telling it like it is regarding McCheap.

  • Mario DiLeo

    $45 million IS $45 million but the US dollar isn’t what it is so…in theory, deflation has come to a point where the value of the USD has bottomed out and we have nowhere to go but up IN THEORY. There’s no guarantee that will happen, so Team Boras may as well get as much up front as are in the McCourt coffers and so we’ll see with what Boras counters, perhaps a shorter term of payment like only 3 years…

  • dodgerdaisy

    Did Boras actually say to the media he/Manny would have accepted the offer had none of the money been deferred? I haven’t read that anywhere else, but of course I could have missed it. Though, even after reading it here, I’m not sure I believe it. Boras wants good PR as much as the Dodgers do. Also, it’s pretty obvious Boras/Manny have wanted all along to hold out for all they could get – & I have a feeling they’d prefer the American League so Manny won’t have to play outfield (how great for Manny would it be to play for the Yankees, with whom he’d have the chance to return to Boston as the enemy). Anyway, considering what I make working in education, I don’t blame the Dodgers for their offer or how it was made. It’s a lot of money and though Manny is a great player, who knows if he’ll feel like playing great everyday for an entire season. I’d love to see him come back, but if it’s true no one else wants him, it seems to me he’ll be lucky to get what the Dodgers are offering.

  • dodgersjmedina

    Kudos to you Tony, for telling it like it is, McCourt is being cheap. I only say this because if he has the Audacity to sell spring training tickets at $100 a piece for three innings of starters, and no raise parking prices every year, and some tickets, then he has to give his fans this. If McCourt would think logically, it is not like he is allowing his fans to pay for season tickets for the 2009 season tickets in deferred money over the next 5 years, or hot dogs and beers at a game, over the a five inning span. What McCourt did with that statement last night is show the lack of integrity he has, and if he wants to restore it with the fans and city, he needs to apologize to Boras, Manny and his fans for hiding the truth behind the contract. And if he offered Manny 2 years 45 million, then he needs to keep his word, and give him just that. If he doesn’t, I don’t know if I could trust what he says anymore, or believe in what he says.

  • Andrea

    The one thing I’m afraid of is that if this goes much longer or gets much nastier, fans will treat Manny like they did Piazza and boo him everytime he comes up to bat.

  • MN Dodger

    You guys crack me up. So many of you are willing to fry Manny and Boras for being insane in this negotiation, only to switch and turn your venom on McCourt when the next story comes out.

    First, what a horrible job by the media (you included Tony). The sports media (basically every place I checked last night), ran with what turned out to be a poorly investigated story. Everyone got all up in arms based on the story that the Dodgers sent to the media outlets (the “Manny rejected another great offer” story). Didn’t anyone stop to think that the story wouldn’t have both sides in it? And now that the other side has come out (or part of it), everyone has switched the focus of their anger.

    You are really mad at McCourt for trying to get a good deal? For all we know, he’s bidding against himself. The offer is still WAY better than any other offer out there. Why wouldn’t he try to get it done on his terms? And ask yourself, is the offer really that bad? Some of the money is deferred (which carries some risk), but the owners have been carrying the risk for years with these guaranteed contracts. Plus, based on reporting (which we now all understand is sketchy regarding these negotiations), Boras hasn’t really offered much in the way of counter-offers.

    Boras and Manny will get their money. Given the lack of offers, etc., they will play the only card they have – which is waiting around for someone on another big market club to get hurt, or waiting for enough overly emotional Dodger fans to turn on McCourt. This will get done, one way or another – whether or not the fans/reaers keep swinging on their pendulum of who they hate more.

  • bryboiblue

    Actually MN, knowing how image-conscious McCourt is (and willing to fire anyone he thinks makes him look bad at the drop of a hat), turning the Dodgers’ fans anger on McCourt may be exactly what Boras is trying to do right now, hoping to use the fans’ “anger” as a bargaining chip in getting Manny a better deal.

    Manny’s not going to take deferred money, usually the only time people do that willingly is if they have some loyalty to the team (or are getting something else out of it) — which obviously is not that case here.

    The question is, will there be any real negotiation between the two sides, or just a bunch of public posturing with no intent on either side at finding something that works for everyone?

  • dodgerdaisy

    That’s what I was trying to say only you said it better and expanded on it, MN Dodger. Thank you.

    My question is what if no other big market team ever wants or needs Manny – or any team at all, for that matter? He doesn’t strike me (nor does Boras) as someone particularly good at swallowing his pride, but he’ll have to if he wants to come back to the Dodgers on their terms. He’ll hardly be in a position to bargain. So, will he retire? I seem to recall him threatening that at one point.

  • ToyCannon

    I agree with Tony Jackson; the McCourts are cheap owners and disingenuous. They run to the media to say Boras/Manny rejected yet another Dodger offer, knowing full well the offer would be rejected with the deferred payments in it. Boras/Manny were ready to accept a straight 2 yr. $45 mill offer with player option for the 2nd year. McCourt is the one being deceptive here. Give the guy his money up front. Enough already; the McCourts have made this a circus.

  • dfras

    I’m not sure why everyone is so pissed at McCourt. I’m pretty sure he’s made, by far, the best offer of any team out there. The Giants have balked at paying Manny any real money. No other teams have surfaced as realistic possibilities. It’s time for Manny to sign for what the league thinks he’s worth. If he doesn’t like it he can quit. There are plenty of reasons why no one else is willing to pay him what he and his mad scientist agent think he’s worth. The Dodgers are literally bidding against themselves. You might all be baseball fans, but never forget this is a business. You pay someone what you feel they are worth…you don’t pay them a ton more just because they say they are worth more.

  • dfras

    On top of that, McCourt is putting together a nice little squad of players. He’s got a solid 1-3 for his starting pitchers (Billingsley and Kershaw are studs), his bullpen looks solid, he’s got Loney at 1st, signed Orlando Hudson for 2B, Furcal at SS, Blake and Dewitt at 3B, Kemp in LF, Pierre (I know, I know) and Repko in CF and Ethier in RF. That’s a solid lineup, especially in the NL West. Yes, moving Pierre and bringing in Manny helps a ton, but they already have the most talent in the division…and they’ve been doing it the right way: player development and inexpensive, but talented free agents. You fans need to quit whining and learn something about baseball instead of just bitching when the team owner won’t dish out $45 Million for one guy. Do any of you understand how much money that is to invest in a guy who may or may not show up to play each day?