Ohman contract details

It’s a minor-league deal with major-league terms. What that means, in essence, is that the Dodgers found a way to send him down to Albuquerque for a few days so he can make up for missing almost all of spring training before they call him up. They have to call him up by April 14 or he can opt out. But they WILL call him up by April 14. He’ll get $1.35 million plus incentives based on appearances — although the $1.35 million will be slightly prorated for the two weeks he spends in the minors, during which he’ll receive a prorated share of $13,000/month. There also is a $2.2 million club option for 2010, with a $200,000 buyout. … Also, Shawn Estes has agreed, at least for now, to start the season in Albuquerque as well. So the Dodgers will begin the season without a situational lefty in their bullpen, but only for the first eight days.

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  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I am guessing that the Dodgers will have a situational lefty in the bullpen for the eight days before Ohman returns. Clearly someone will have to occupy the roster space he will eventually fill. So if the Dodgers want to carry a second lefty during that period, I imagine Threets, Mazone or someone else will be holding down that spot.