Diamondbacks 9, Dodgers 4

It was an ugly game and an ugly first major-league start for James McDonald, but he handled himself with extreme class, from staying in the dugout until the game was over (starting pitchers usually shower and dress after leaving a game) to professionally and patiently fielding all questions from the media. Joe Torre said after the game that he isn’t sure when McDonald will start again, but that he will, in fact, start again soon. It’s not even clear if McDonald is still the FIFTH starter now that Eric Stults is temporarily in the rotation. Stults could become the swing guy now, which probably would mean McDonald goes on Thursday against the Giants. If not, McDonald likely would go next Sunday against the Rockies and be available out of the pen for part of the interim. But as hideous as McDonald’s third inning was tonight, once again, this Dodgers offense has to get it started soon. The club is averaging 3.6 runs a game. Dodgers fall to 2-3 and are now dead last in the N.L. West, 1 1/2 behind the first-place Rox, one behind the Pods and a half-game behind the Giants and D-backs.

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  • dodgerfan80

    I sure hope people don’t bash McDonald. I think the Dodgers threw him into that position too soon. He should of started out pitching in relief for a few games or weeks before getting thrown into starting. I know they are short on starting pitching but I feel bad for the guy. He should be very proud for how he handled that…staying in the dugout after getting pulled. I became a fan after the playoffs..but now even more so and am pulling for him. Sure hope they dont send him down that would do nothing for his confidence.

  • It’s one game. People are just worried because of the inexperience, but nobody freaked out when Lowe consistently got pounded every start. If it’s May and he’s still getting shelled I would worry, but to pull him after one game where the HR obviously rattled him is…odd.

  • Realist

    And not ONCE during his bad 3rd inning, did effen Honeycutt exit the dugout and calm the kid down. I HATE Honeycutt. Bring back Colburn!