Giants 5, Dodgers 4

We got an explanation on the ball that Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier screwed up in the first inning. As I mentioned here earlier, it was extremely windy here tonight, and it was a loud, howling wind — loud enough that neither Kemp nor Ethier could hear the other calling for the ball. That was why neither of them backed off on the play.
“We couldn’t hear each other,” Kemp said. “I don’t even remember (exactly what happened). A lot was going on at that moment. It was a tough ball. (Second baseman Orlando Hudson) said we were both calling it and we didn’t hear each other. I don’t know what to really say about it. (It was) the wind. The elements out there were pretty crazy. But no excuses. That ball should have been caught by one of us.”
Kemp also made no excuses for the next ball, which he misjudged into a triple for Randy Winn.
“It just took off. It had a weird little spin on it, and it just got away from me. But the ball should have been caught.”
It led to a three-run inning for the Giants. If both plays had been made, Randy Wolf would have had a one-two-three inning.
What happened in the eighth inning, with Ronald Belisario on the mound, is laid out in detail in tomorrow’s paper, so no need to revisit it here. In case you were wondering, Joe Torre’s explanation for why he didn’t bring in a well-rested Hong-Chih Kuo, the Dodgers’ designated eighth-inning setup man, to set up in the eighth inning was all the right-handed hitters the Giants had coming up. I’m starting to wonder whether Kuo really IS the eighth-inning setup man for this team.
Anyway, Dodgers fall to 13-7 and 2 1/2 up on the Pods. Giants now just three back. Chad Billingsley against Jonathan Sanchez tomorrow night, 7:15. Billingsley is 4-0 in four starts, but more importantly in this case, he is 3-0 in three starts following Dodgers losses. He not only pitches like an ace, he pitches like a stopper, too.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    When Torre put Loney in the game in the bottom of the 8th, it occurred to me at the time that it was a perfect time to use a double switch, and replace Belisario, who I suspected might have a problem in his second inning of work. If memory serves me correct, the Giants led off that inning with the lefthanded hitting Fred Lewis, who I doubt would have been pinch hit for. Seemed like a good opportunity to open the inning with either Kuo or Ohman, to be followed by Troncoso. I didn’t think Troncoso was any more a risk than Belisario, and thought that he earned the opportunity with his performance on Saturday. With Wade on the DL, it’s probably not a bad idea to find out if Troncoso has really turned a corner.

    No doubt Kemp could have done a better job in the outfield, but hitting into the double play is nothing I can fault him for. It was only a double play because he hit the ball hard, unlike Manny’s seeing eye hit. Grumpy3b has a point. A little adversity can be a good thing. We all know it’s a long season, and certainly we know there will be losses like this one. We also know that there will victories in which the Dodgers get the breaks.

    I wrote my comments above, and then copied them before temporarily leaving this site. When I originally wrote those comments there were others by grumpy3b and at least one other blogger. Those other comments are no longer here as I write this. Maybe they will re-appear after I post. If not, then my reference to grumpy3b, and my comments concerning Matt Kemp may seem a little out of place.

  • phillydodger

    Hey looks, there goes the new Wade/Proctor. Why oh why does Torre fall in love with a reliever and ring their arm off? Belisario already been used 10 times? Really Joe?

    And Furcal ends the game looking at SEVEN pitches? I know he was trying to get on base, but seven straight pitches?

  • Jayrew

    that was inexcusable. He looked at 7 straight pitches! 7! He had no intention of the swinging the bat when the count was 3-0.

    Have a seat raffy, we need gamers…

    too bad juan castro is our other option. And i have nothing to say about Torre’s handling of the bullpen. ugly

  • ABQDodger

    Time to take a look at the veterans in Triple-A to see whether it’s time to bring one up (Weaver, Milton, Sturtze, Estes). Weaver, who has been serving primarily as a reliever, got a start the other day so he can get in some innings. Milton has pitched six consecutive scoreless innings in two games, but he may be better suited to start. Sturtze had been very effective until he blew a six-run lead the other day.

    The obstacle to bring any of them up, of course, is that none is on the 40-man roster. So a corresponding move would have to be made, such us placing Abreu on the 60-day DL or moving Schmidt to the 60-day DL. Of those on the 25-man roster, Elbert will probably be sent back to Chattanooga.

  • joshburke2

    Torre really missed an opportunity to start Pierre in Center last night.

  • El Lay Dave

    1. Loney should not have entered the game except with a double-switch, whether that was entering the 8th, or during the 8th. He would have hit instead of DeWitt in the 9th and the bench would have been less depleted.

    2. There is no way Troncoso was pitching yesterday on one day of rest after pitching four innings on Saturday.

    3. I can see not using a lefty with a batting order stacked with right-handers for Wolf and with almost no subs made yet, but are Renteria and Aurilia the sorts of right-handers from whom Kuo should be held back, if he is indeed the 8th inning man? The pitcher’s spot was due up 5th., so Molina wasn’t showing up until then.

    4. Defense lost this game. The collision. The triple over Kemp’s head – though I’ve seen many a good CF make that dreaded first step in on a line drive hit right at them – that he MIGHT have caught up to, but it was hit hard off Wolf (and that’s not a play that I think Pierre makes either; there may not have been a CF in the stadium that would have). Kemp’s on-time throw being too high to get an out. Lewis taking third on a single to Manny. Belisario’s brain cramp on Aurilia’s dribbler.

    5. Don’t discount the hugeness of the wild pitch that followed. There’s a runner on third (and second) for Molina’s soft grounder only because of that wild pitch. That was Belisario’s big pitching mistake. The only balls hit decently off him were the two singles leading off the 8th. He pwned Winn, as the kids say. Aurilia’s ball went, what, 30 feet? Molina’s RBI ground-out was not hit hard at all. Uribe struck out.

  • Old Brooklyn Fan

    Tough game for us, I think God had a bet on the Giants.

  • rjthrelkeld

    Brooklyn Dodger,

    Please pass whatever you’re eating.

  • El Lay Dave

    God would never back the Giants! (Don’t let Tommy hear you say that!)