The waiting is the hardest part

 It seems forever until the announcement will happen. Other acts follow- some good, some not so good, but all entertaining in their own way.


Now the band is playing and we all take to the floor to dance. There’s no couples here, everyone switches around to chat and shake it with someone new, working their way through the crowd.

Prince Andrew finally is at the mic again asking the crowd to quiet down and prepare for the coronation. Patricia Hurley from Light Bringer Project explains that the queen and runner-up hopefuls who have made the cut will be called on stage for their placements, then she hands things off to Queen Erika and Queen Tequila.

I just realized all these queens are getting confusing. To clarify things- the queens are all former Doo Dah Queens (except for the drag queen- that’s another story), they retain the title after their reign and become judges for future queens.

Five of us are called up. It seems as if time is going slowly as “Marilyn” and Mona, a cheerleader/princess are named third runner-up and the gospel singer, Crystal, takes second. It’s down to me and Erica, the drag queen. He (she?) looks at me and says, “I love you, I hope you win.” I take his hand and wish him well too, as he has been trying out for several years and is quite talented, but hasn’t even made runner-up.

Time stops. My heart beats hard. My mind is saying I won’t be queen, but it’s OK because I’m truly happy just to be runner-up again. I honestly am.

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